You know after seeing the Fonz in a wife-beater shirt exposing the world to his sunken in chest and little Taylor Swift arms as he coined the Jumped the Shark phrase and Happy Days faded into reruns it seems our President has hopped on his Vespa and decided to go for broke on a Class-Warfare rant.

Yeah lets spend more hundreds of billions, tax the Hell out out of the entities that ignite the economy, use Warren Buffett as his Tax the Rich poster boy( Who by the way owes the government over a billion dollars) seriously that is the truth. His motive as far as I can see is to appeal to his base that is fleeing at light speed as politicos talk of running a primary against the man who was going to lower sea levels , make the world love us and by shear force of will turn this country into his faculty lounge utopia that all the intelligentsia will worship his leadership and awesome oratory skills.

MMMMM lemme see when he went to Copenhagen to do a speech to solicit Chicago as an Olympic choice he was knocked out in the 1st round. Then there was the New Jersey Gov race that he supported Corzine Chris Christie is now the Governor AND being recruited as a GOP hopeful for President. Then there was the Senate race in Mass. in the Special election to fill Ted Kennedys seat. Well the Republican Scott Brown won that one after Obama aggressively campaigned there. Not to mention the fact he took 18 months to pass a Health Care bill that his own party had to be bribed to vote through with super majorities in both Houses or the total failure of the Stimulus Bill that has been a monumental letdown as the unemployment levels continue to remain at the cusp of 10% and the economic growth has been abysmal.

His latest nonsense is nothing more then a way to blame the GOP for obstructing his insane fiscal remedy that is fraught with economic poison. His own party is talking about Hilary Clinton actually challenging him for a primary. He really is going for broke. He is now polling under 40% approval rating and he is sounding more and more like a desperate salesman who is fighting for his life and people are picking up on his attitude. I feel like he is mad at the country for the shape its in and blames anything and anyone for it.

My how far this man has fallen.