Presidential GOP front-runner Newt Gingrich came out to the Staten Island Tea Party to ask the members to not to be for him but to be with him. His reasoning is if you are for him you will expect him to go to Washington and solve all of these problems. He contends that the problems are too big for one man to fix and he needs all of his supporters to work with him to do it.
I was very impressed with the Speaker and his concept. When we were down in Iowa for the Straw Poll Gingrich was a underdog now he is in the position of Front Runner and this is usually when he self-destructs. It will be interesting to see if he can continue to stay ahead of Romney who I believe did a disastrous job with his Bret Bair interview. Gingrich said if he gets the nomination he will challenge Barack Obama to 7  three hour debates and said he would allow him to use his teleprompters. Of course the teleprompter comment was a shot at the President and his weakness of talking off the cuff. Even now he brought them into a classroom full of 6th graders and Heaven forbid if it would have been a Republican who did this the media would have Palatalized them. I must admit it is quite exciting to have a man like Gingrich with his stratospheric intellect completely decimate Obama with his lies, theories and claim to fundamentally change the United States. The Speakers weakness will be his long standing record of policy changes and stances on issues or silly commercials with a certain former Speaker( Pelosi). Gingrich has already taken the best way to combat such charges and that is just to admit it is stupid or wrong and looking back he is now more solid and secure in his policies. Unlike Romney who just denies the actual facts which looks awful.