Medical Marijuana Research 1 Medical marijuana research has been nonstop since 1996 – the year California became the first of 16 states to allow medical marijuana program use under state law.

Thousands of scientific studies have been done by doctors, scientists, and other highly involved people that are interested in cannabinoid therapeutics.

The “endocannabinoid regulatory system” is a discovery that has increased everyone’s attention. Medical marijuana research is also due to the growing body of information furnished through the testimonials of medical marijuana patients and physicians.

The synthetic cannabinoids are allowed to be openly marketed by the pharmaceutical industries because they are not involving whole plant material that the authorities are against any use of.

Resent findings say THC is just a AMA term. Real marijuana does not contain the same stuff – it’s the whole plant that contributes to its healing properties – and because the medical industries created the term and pushed it – the public has accepted the fiction title of THC.

However, the use of synthetics have not been useful in this field of medicine. Recently, the synthetic THC has been found lacking in good qualities – and perhaps causing harm to patients that have used it.

UPDATE: The latest information on this is – synthetic THC has been pulled off the shelves and no more sold.

Almost all the documented medical marijuana research is taking place in foreign countries.

As critical research has grown and we find 17,000 published papers of scientific value – analyzing marijuana and its constituents – and more and more investigators are understanding medical marijuana capability to combat a wide range of medical problems.

Medical research includes investigations into cannabinoid capacity to moderate autoimmune disorders like M S, and rheumatoid arthritis as well as their role in treating neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s.

The growing interest in marijuana anti-cancer studies are furnishing clinical data that concludes that cannabinoids can reduce the spread of certain cancer cells – this is called apoptosis (cell death) by inhibiting the angiogenesis (the forming of new blood vessels).

Cannabinoid’s in medical marijuana are remarkably safe. Regardless of the quantity or the potency of marijuana used – no one can overdose. This has been on record as a fact about marijuana for thousands of years.

It is a fact that medical marijuana is completely harmless, and as of 2011, no one has ever died from using marijuana in its complete and whole form, without other ingredients or processes.

Medical Marijuana Research 2 Marijuana research carried out in the future may discover certain patients that should not use marijuana – some people could be allergic to it – but for now we will need to wait for more research and more reports from actual hands on experience.


Investigators are making progress every day in this field of study – and the federal authorities are not contributing to this knowledge – it is their intention to keep it illegal forever.

As the people of 16 states continue to pursue medical marijuana and enable their physicians and their patients to explore the unknown issues of the varying types of disease. Medical marijuana research will continue to uncover answers that are vitally needed.

For the first time in recent history – doctors and patients are openly discussing this issue.

It looks like a division could develop among the conventional doctors that have been AMA educated, but have learned enough about marijuana to become medical marijuana doctors, and perhaps have come to realize how wrong the government has been.

The public in general are becoming more aware of the real facts about marijuana – attitudes are changing – more and more people are becoming more distrustful of conventional medicine being controlled by the central government.

The government is the same party that outlawed it in the first place, under dishonest representation – they are intent on keeping marijuana illegal – and they are still just as dishonest.

Considering how close the central government is getting to a complete takeover of all medicine in America – and their attitude toward population control – – –

It is a fact that all medical marijuana research and all medical marijuana programs could become a thing of the past without any notice given in advance.

President Obama has already passed his nationwide health bill – when it goes into effect, anything and everything medical may go crazy. Anything can make the wind of law blow in a different direction when the leaders favor their investments.

Medical marijuana research has come a long way in the last few years. We have used it long enough to know it is the best medicine in the world.

Medical marijuana programs certainly have done some fine research and many doctors, scientists, and other individuals have put themselves out and in danger in order to educate millions of people.

We must keep working towards the freedom of marijuana and the growing of industrial HEMP. If you are new to smoking marijuana you should purchase a water pipe and pickup some weed from your local dispensary.