I have met a wonderful co-worker who is just as much of a political Junkie as I am. He stays plugged in to the now and is extremely sharp yet warm and kind. He is definitely proud to be an American and is living the American Dream and like myself wants it to be there for his kids as well. Oh one thing I forgot to tell you hes a liberal.

I know I know but I cant help it I love the big lug. Anyway he thinks Newt is toast and we are crazy for thinking he can beat Obama. He figures once his liberal gestapo gets ramped up ol Newt is going the way of the Saber-tooth Tiger. He actually believes that the right wing has more of an influence on what we see and hear. No he doesn’t do drugs! Just hugs. LOL This was my response hope you enjoy and agree.

OK you have a lot there. First off you obviously do not watch FOX except for the clips they show on MSNBC. Chris Bret Bair is the best newsman since Cronkite. Shepard Smith is not as good but completely plays it straight and nobody ever accused Greta of commentary news at all and OReilly treats Obama with such kid gloves he takes a lot of heat for it. This leaves the one guy who I cannot stand Hannity. Without question Obama could cure cancer and AIDS and this fool would find fault with it. I think hes a disgrace Chris you know I am no basher. That said you have a bevy of Hannitys Chris ( I just soiled myself cause Obama is reading his teleprompter and Im getting this feeling up my leg) Mathews- Ed Show/ Rachel Maddow/ now Rev Al. Add that to Brian Williams, Dick Gregory, Chuck Reid, Paul Bagala, Joe Klein, Paul Krugman and David Brooks ( Who’s a so called Conservative) Daily News and the NYTimes. That is just off the tip of my burnt out brain Chris.

You are very close to the pattern but I will fill in the gaps for you. First if they think Romney is the better candidate why bother with Newt? Why don’t they use all of their ample press firepower and annihilate Mitt? If they want Newt to be the GOP pick lay off and destroy Romney. Doesn’t that make more sense?

Answer: Everything the left says they mean the total polar opposite.

Question: Who completely scared the Hell out of the left to the point of obsession? Sarah Palin

Why? She tapped into the core of the American people and how they live , feel and what frustrated them about government which was the absolute embodiment of what Obama is Big intrusional Government Palin is not dumb at all I do not care what stories that are out there. This was an incredibly talented woman of strength ,conviction and principle. Plus there was a time when her Twitter account was more powerful then the entire Obama Administration ( Remember how her Death Panels comment smashed the Health Care bill in its tracks?- and she was a hot looking red blooded Conservative and never did I see the entire arsenal of the liberal army frothing at the mouth to wreck this womans career, family and image. I still find it disgusting how womans groups actually attacked her with more venom then any other arm of the liberal assassins. Remember how they joked how they would love to have her as a candidate against Obama? They were scared beyond words. Why else did they post adds to help go through her e mails to see if they were any dirt by which to slander her even further.

Result : The left and their relentless attacks worked. They made it impossible for her to execute her duties as Governor to the point where she had to resign. Granted she made mistakes and of course they were magnified by the press. Even Letterman commented about her young teenage daughter and how A Rod was going to Do Her during the 7th inning stretch. How charming. If that was my daughter I would be rotting in a cell.

Do you see the same template emerging for Newt?

One problem and this is huge Newt is brilliant. They are going to smoke a pound of crack if they have to face this walking talking computer brain American History major who can recite the Declaration of Independence backwards and forwards AND unlike Obama has a record in government and has major achievements ad with over 40 years of public service can honestly say You know what after decades of looking at certain issues and seeing how the levers of Government works I have changed positions on several issues. Can any human being that ever lived claim they have never changed their position on something? If not for Newt Clinton would never have been this 2 termer with great achievements. They were the Ali-Fraiser of politics. They brought out great things in one another even though they were pounding each others flesh. Obama has no such record. And unlike boxing in politics you get smarter and better. The left is freaking out they need the wet noodle Mitt cause he is weak and irritable when pressed. Sorry I know its long but you know I dont talk talking points.

I practice being liberal its fun. You depend on other people for stuff. Its like being a spoiled little kid who wants what the other kid has but will not behave and do his chores to get it. Hope you find it interesting if you dont agree but again you really bring it outta me big fella.