Martin Luther King JROn the birthday of this great man MLK Jr. I cannot help but imagine what his thoughts might be if he were able to look at all that has taken place in our Great Nation in Decline. Surely if he could watch all that has transpired with the Mute button on I believe he would be overjoyed. A black President in the White House along with an Attorney  General . The Secretary of  State- a woman along with 2 Supreme Court Justices -one who was also a Latino.  The legendary Man might even be brought to tears with such unimaginable strides in social justice…until he turns the sound button on and begins to see the deception. As it stands now the highest unemployment group hit by this man –made economic  disaster IS the Afro-American Community. As it stands now they are at 25% unemployment. Imagine the first Afro-American in the White House and not only is their unemployment abysmal but the family unit has deteriorated to such a point where the only role models they have are drug dealers, pimps and rappers. It seems since the Democratic Party decided to get its haunches into the Afro-American Community it has imploded same as Detroit and the same as the United States of America.

Recently,  Alveda King the niece of MLK was quoted saying to a reporter that her uncle if alive today would be a staunchly Pro- Life  Social Conservative. This has caused an uproar amongst the Liberal Elites and the Planned Parenthood Death Chamber.

Dr. King was the consummate champion of Civil Rights and for that time in our history he was sorely needed. Today we need a man of his ilk to champion another cause. That cause is the growing Economic Inequality that is rife within our society.

Our country’s most astonishing fiscal period in my humble opinion would be right after WWII. This was a time of Booming advances in technology and industry that was pumping out so many wonderful inventions and innovations that we left the entire world in the dust. We were so dynamic and alive with ideas I can only fathom of what it was like. Now we have to remember we weren’t feeling the residual effects from the Capitalist crunching of FDR. The impact of all of those Social Programs began to bleed their way into our wallets and minds. As we began to implement more taxes and regulations on these great people with clever plans we started to slow ourselves down and in turn let the rest of the planet catch up with us. Today it has mutated to a point where only the upper class of society can attain greatness no matter how hard the Middle Classman might work he cannot acquire proper loans for seed money for financing his dreams. Bit by bit we chip away at the very things that make America great then we wonder where did it all go? Our nation needs another great man , a man like the Great Dr King.