The New Slavery: Union Rank n File Member

January 24th, 2013 Written by: No comments
Richard Trumka the President of the AFL-CIO came to power in 2009. He is one of the most power hungry Union officials I have witnessed in my 20 year career as a Union Construction Worker. He extols the virtues of being and representing the ” Working Man” yet he is anything but… the men and women who use their bodies to provide for their families don’t enjoy ANY of the benefits Mr. Trumka does. Here is a man that attacks salaries of CEO’s and is your classic ” Class Warfare Advocate” who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and lives as good as any CEO of any Blue Chip Company. There is one area where he actually rises above even the most rich and powerful of white collar execs and that is he has the ear of the President of the United States.That said Mr. Trumka is finally beginning to feel the heat. Union numbers are at a 70 year low …that’s about 400k workers who have been forced to look elsewhere due to lack of work caused by 2 factors:
. 1) This Administration has emboldened union leadership by aggressively ruling on their behalf on ALL conflicts. One would think this a good thing but the numbers prove otherwise. The PR generated by all of this blatant union favoritism has backfired and caused a National Backlash causing businesses to look to other entities other than Unions when putting together their Labor Force for fear of intimidation and bullying during contract negotiations with these Union leaders.
2) The Economy has been atrocious. Start-ups who are the # 1 job creators of the Free Market are becoming extinct. This awful state of economic uncertainty has all budget makers befuddled making it impossible to project expenses because no one can forecast the level at where the tax and regulation burdens will strike. Therefore giving investors and entrepreneurs jelly legs when it comes to taking the risk required to be successful. No risk No Reward No Wealth Creation No Labor Force to glean dues , assessments, votes and of course Political Power.
Mr. Trumka is quivering in his 700 dollar shoes. As Union numbers decrease so does his Power. And as any one of us knows there is nothing more humbling than to work your way down the ladder of excess and corruption. Good always rises to win the day and I believe a serious reckoning is afoot.
I will keep repeating to my GOP and Conservatives alike…this is a golden opportunity to break the hold of the DNC on the voting block of Organized Labor. The Rank n File member of ANY Union is 60 to 70% Conservative!! Yes its’ True. It’s just they are frightened to say it out loud. In ALL of my interviews and polling I get the same thing…Andy please don’t tell anyone I’m afraid I’ll lose my job or worse get ” Blackballed”. Therein lies the Hostage situation the Union worker is in. Unless you are part of the Hierarchy you are an indentured servant sentenced to life and told how to think and who to vote for. Is this the country of Lincoln ? I think not.
I will continue to fight these bastards and do it through the legislative as I am victorious in my City Council Run and at the same time bring the GOP kicking and screaming to their solution of becoming relevant in this Obama -Era. I am Andy Sullivan and I will be your next City Councilman.
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A Governor 2 Reverends and Gun Laws

January 20th, 2013 Written by: No comments
It seems our Governor has been hanging out too much with Rev Al. Just because the dear Reverend lost weight doesn’t mean he gained any credibility whatsoever in the truth department. This is a man who has destroyed lives and careers so he could pursue his selfish dreams of legitimacy. Here’s a man who has the ear of our Governor and worst of all strolls in and out of the White House with regularity. The President of the United States treats this man with respect he surely does not deserve. This is a man under investigation for tax evasion, links to organized crime, actually threatened to picket the Michael Jackson concert back in 1984 unless the Black Community shared in some of the ” Take ” of the concert which he received a handsome amount in the form of ” Donations” from the promoters to NOT protest the event. Only years later after extorting money from Mr. Jackson he managed to weasel his now frail form to the podium praising how Michael was ” For Us”! That’s funny I don’t remember the good Reverend speaking out in defense of Mr. Jackson when he was accused of pedophilia…go figure. Then there was the misappropriation of charity funds and of course the money donated to the Brawley family somehow managed to also get combined with those funds as well. Yeah, this admitted FBI informant who would rat on his own associates to get his new lean ass out of trouble. Now suddenly adorned with White House ” Cred” Governor Cuomo is looking to get some confirmation from Obama’s U. S African American Ambassador the Great Reverend Al…liar, cheat and most of all Success.
Guns are not the problem it’s our culture. When bad behavior is continually rewarded it inspires us to do bad because if we do we will be handsomely compensated. The whole idea of somehow conflating this useless gun legislation with the memory of a great man like the Reverend Martin Luther King is appalling. Did you know the reason for the first gun laws were to keep guns out of the hands of African Americans? Not only that but MLK applied for a gun permit and was rejected and of course later assassinated. Boy those laws worked like a charm …but for whom? The criminal or the murdered one?
We must stop legislating by emotion and political gain and think about the safety of the nation and its’ children. Punishing the ones who obey the law makes us less safe. Our own prisoners in jail manage to still obtain illegal drugs while being continually incarcerated. What in the name of God makes you think this will stop criminals from getting guns?
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Al Qeada Alive and Well with American Hostages

January 17th, 2013 Written by: No comments
As you see in this video directly after the Terrorist Attack in Fort Hood Army base which was actually labeled a work-place act of violence even though Major Nidal Hassan shouted :” Praise be to Allah”.  Wounding 30 and murdering 13 unarmed Army personelle.To day as Major Hassan sits comfortably in jail and fights to retain his facial hair in which he has been successful his day of judgement has been continually postponed. No justice for the families of these brave soldiers. There has been other destructive effects as well. The lack of action regarding Acts of Terror has put more American lives in danger.
The entire world has been watching the way this American President handles attacks and his response or lack thereof. The attacks of the embassy in Tunisia or the Al Qaeda flag flying in the new Egypt currently run by Muslim Brotherhood member President Morsi is just a taste of what is yet to come. The disgraceful behavior of this White House and State Department in the aftermath of the Benghazi Attacks have been despicable. No answers or justice for those family members either. Just one dead Ambassador 2 brave Navy Seals and one civilian. Advantage: The Terror Community.
Fast Forward to present day and what do we have? A hostage situation in Algeria with 3 American citizens and dozens of other innocents from other countries. I know this Administration loves to hang their hat on the killing of Bin Laden and try to convince the public that we are winning the war of Terror and Al Qeada is in retreat and tattered. Unfortunately this is not the case. The staggering amount of hypocrisy that is on display as Congressional leaders like Pelosi who condemns Enhanced Interrogations Techniques or Water Boarding as ” Torture” yet supports drone strikes make me want to request a psychological evaluation. So we shouldn’t torture them we should shoot them from the sky murdering innocents such as mothers and children. Which occurred during Obama’s 1st ordered drone strike in Yemen but due to this complicit mainstream media we were only told about the high value tartget.What makes anyone think Iran will not go ahead and start producing nuclear weapons like they have a licence to? This Nation sits on a very precarious perch that is being weakened everyday. Leadership from both an economic and defense standpoint is just atrocious .I cannot imagine the state of the Union at the end of this Commander N Chief’s term…God help us.
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Path to Citizenship GOP Style: Hard Hats, Helmets and Green Cards

January 14th, 2013 Written by: No comments
Being a Conservative and being a Union Construction worker seems contradictory  but it is a lot more common than the ordinary layman would think. Union construction workers in the private sector work very hard for their money and are very reluctant to part with their blood and sweat revenue. Between union dues, assessments, benefits and finally taxes the check of a private union worker is nearly cut in half. Right now there is a great deal of Illegal Immigration employment happening Right Now! Did you know you do not have to show a social security number to the union officials when purchasing a union card? It’s their ” Dirty Little Secret”. What they do is just take the immigrants money give him a union book and hope the employer he gets sent to either accepts a Temporary Tax ID # or doesn’t even bother paying him union wages but instead allows the employer to work him Scab! ( For Cash with No Benefits).
Disgracefully this happens with impunity and the workers don’t protest out of fear of being blackballed. God forbid they go to the National Labor Relations Board. Their fate would be sealed AND there is always the question of one’s safety when dealing with the dark forces that still control a lot of the activity within private unions.This situation might have a solution and might kill 3 birds with one stone. How? Well illegal immigration is a huge problem and has become a wedge issue especially in the last election. Romney only managed 20% to Obama’s  67%. of Latino voters. The GOP will never win another election if this does not change.
My answer is 2 fold. As far as legislation for a Path to Citizenship I would very much support a screened candidate who was currently working or attending school commit to 2 years of military service followed by a 2 year probation period. If they comply with this criteria I think they deserve the right to be a US citizen. This can be a panacea for the GOP and its’ constant drubbing they get from the DNC. By taking this issue off the table NOW they can petition for representation for the Latino lobby on a level playing field.
The 2nd part of this Path to Citizenship GOP Style would be the Republican Party actually competing for representation of leadership within Unions as well! This would be a welcome sign for all of us Republican supporters out there and would send the Democratic Party into a tailspin of panic. Imagine cutting into 2 of their biggest demo graphs this would have such a positive effect on the GOP and its’ imagine I’m sure they would  be repaid in votes. Having 2 Party’s soliciting the rank n file for representation automatically makes each Party keep the other one honest. You see this is the Unions greatest weakness…the fact that single party rule fosters corruption and all sorts of acts of malfeasance. No 2 groups have been hurt more than the GOP and Unions these last 2 years and by doing this it would be a great act of redemption and pile the Immigration issue on top of that it’s a Win, Win for the Republican Party. This to me would be the lifeline we need for the Republican Party to be victorious in the next election cycle.
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Remember Benghazi? 4 American Families Do!

January 11th, 2013 Written by: No comments
Charles Woods. Anybody recall this man? He got to meet the President , Vice President and even Hillary our soon to be former Secretary of State who has been stricken with some of the most bizarre illnesses in such amazing succession it’s baffling the medical community. It might seem that Hillary has a allergic reaction to any and all inquiries regarding that event that has gone completely off the radar of the MSM but certainly NOT off of Mr Woods’ radar the father of the brave Seal Tyrone Woods. Tyrone was one of the 2 Seals left to fend for himself by the most powerful country on the planet .Dodging mortar fire for almost 8 hours fighting like the warriors that the were eventually they were taken out in a most cowardly and shameful fashion. Not by the enemy but left on their own by the cowards in the State Department. The event was the Benghazi Assassination of our Ambassador Chris Stevens. This has not occurred in over 30 years.
Again I am haunted by the words of our former White House Chief of Staff the reptilian troll Rahm Emanuel. Never let a crisis go to waste. This ethos exists today in spades. Fiscal Cliff, Debt Ceilings, Obamacare, Payroll Tax, Immigration and NOW guns….and how this Administration can disarm the nation. With all of this going on how can the American voter process such heavy issues and policy AND live their lives…impossible. This White House knows this. So they get to pick and choose at their leisure what particular Freedom they might yet again strip from us.
When Bush choked on a Dorito, Kate Middleton had morning sickness, Al Roker regarding his stomach operation  followed by him soiling himself in the White House, Katie Couric’s rectal examination that was broadcast on the Times Square jumbo-tron. This is just a mere scratch of the surface and yet we were inundated with endless medical testimony from every blessed healthcare professional with a pulse. Where were these examinations for our Secretary of State with her stomach virus, concussion and now the very delicate clot of the brain supposedly caused by the impact to her head. All of this taking her away from appearing before Congress. What’s puzzling though is where was the stampede of medical experts commenting on her very unstable condition? More of an enigma was You Never treat a brain clot with thinners! but this is what we were told by a lone solitary medical commentary. Also when leaving the hospital in her condition she should of been in a wheelchair but was not. Again, does not add up.
So what would we want answers to? Well for starters what the Hell was Susan Rice doing reporting to 5 news outlets about some completely absurd story about a video being the cause for the Benghazi attack. Or how come after 2 previous attacks in Benghazi so serious that the Red Cross and the UK bailed out because they felt their safety was compromised? Or Ambassador Stevens request for more security who actually stated in the request that Benghazi is now being taken over by Al Qaeda factions and they will not be able to repel an attack on the Embassy if initiated?Why were they denied the security? What did Hillary and the President know and when were they given this information? Why have these questions months later NEVER been addressed or even asked at Presidential Press Conferences? Now we have 4 brave Americans who were able to be saved but instead were left to die by the most powerful country in the world.
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The REAL Obama Administration: Not American

January 5th, 2013 Written by: No comments

I think most people who know me or who read my writings know that I’m no conspiracy theorist. Sure sometimes it’s intriguing but I need facts when putting together analysis and commentary. I’m sure you all know I am NO fan of this Administration and call them out on the carpet when I think our rights are being trampled. Well this is by far more shocking than anything that I have witnessed since Obama and his Attorney General Eric( We are a Nation of Cowards ) Holder have begun their shredding of the Constitution. We know Holder’s stance on guns and how he would prefer nothing more than to disarm the public and banish the Second Amendment. Unfortunately this is not the only Amendment in the crosshairs. The First Amendment - Free Speech our most powerful and treasured of ALL the Amendments is currently under siege.

I will not waste your time with my writing but please keep this in mind when viewing this shocking video-This is a Trial Balloon. They want to see if they will incur any blowback from the American public or will they be able to scare us into surrender! Friends please if this goes on without any feedback not only will it continue with greater frequency but this Para- Military Raid tactic will eventually be able to confiscate not only our Guns but our property and Bank Accounts. Yes …the End of the United States as we know it. I implore to ALL Democrats, Republicans and others- we have an obligation to write, call , e-mail even demonstrate in front of the Halls of Power. This is exactly why we have elected officials and right now we need them more then ever.

“It’s better to Die on your feet than to live on your knees” Emiliano Zapata.

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Hollywood! Shut the Hell Up!!

January 3rd, 2013 Written by: No comments

I am sick and tired of these imbeciles who are incredibly good looking and know how to act trying to tell me what’s best for me and my family. They are so desperate for attention not all the exposure from all of the media they do is enough for them. So what do they do? They inject their opinion into the public conversation. Of course because of their ” Celebrity Status ” they are given all of this coverage they crave and we the public are bombarded by their idiocy. In today’s political climate it is never been more prevalent. The reason for this is this President. Evidently Obama is considered the ” Cool” President. His hard left ideology plays right into the wheelhouse of these Hollywood fools and unfortunately we have to hear and see their moronic displays of political insight.
Enough!! Clooney, Russell Simmons, Rosanne Barr, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Moore and ALL of you Super-Rich Megalomaniacs – Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Where the Hell do you come off talking about policy? No one has benefited from this Nation more then you, you greedy narcissistic bastards. It’s because of your Egos that we have the most destructive man to occupy the White House in our country’s history. He is killing the very Freedoms that made it possible for you A….Holes to be successful. You don’t give a damn about your fellow citizens. All your concerned about is seeing yourself next to this Freedom Killer.
If I thought for a second any of you were sincere I would respect your opinion but because of the level of Hypocrisy I cannot. Jon Bon Jovi….you rail on about the rich paying their fair share yet between your team of accountants and lawyers you loophole your way through 100′s of thousands of Real Estate tax breaks because You’re a Bee Farmer?! Same goes for YOU Boss! Yeah Springsteen’s team must’ve got word from their Blood-sucking legal department about the Bee Farmer clause in the New Jersey Tax Law because their exploiting it as well. How about Mr. Russell Simmons? Yeah this guy goes down to Occupy Wall Street like he’s down with the 99% yet he’s worth 325 million dollars. He has  this insanely high credit card service that preys on poor bastards like these people and he has the audacity to come down and march with them like he’s one of them?!
Michael Moorer, you are probably the most reprehensible of all. The way you talk about young people who have served in our military or the hard working blue collar community that you claim to be on the side of is blatantly self- serving. During the OWS protests you like Simmons are part of the elite you are demonizing. These limo liberals don’t give a damn about anyone or anything but themselves. They don’;t care about policy because of their wealth and resources they are not really subject to anything that would alter their ” Rock Star” lifestyle. So instead we become the victims of their hurtful Freedom Stealing boneheaded policies that this President support.
Hey Jamie Foxx, I know you think this disaster of a Commander in Chief is YOUR Savior but he ain’t MINE! I know how in step it is in Hollywood to slam guns and gun owners however are any of you insipid fools aware of how ridiculous you look when you talk about the culture of guns and how much of a role you have played in making them very alluring thru your videos and movies? Or how about the fact that everywhere most of you go you are shadowed by a squad of your own personal armed guards?
So my message to the individuals in Hollywood who play ” Make Believe ” for millions of dollars is this …F…Off ! Stop interjecting into the way this Nation determines policy. The middle class are fighting for their lives with a President who will not be happy until we have become completely dependent on Government and in doing so become slaves to it.This is not a movie set. We of the middle class have no limo to get into or private jet to scamper off to the South of France to. Get down on your knees and pray to whatever it is you pray to and be thankful for your Lottery Ticket lifestyle. Hugs and Kisses from the Middle Class.
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AFL-CIO Prez. Trumka: For Unions to Survive He Must GO!

January 1st, 2013 Written by: No comments
Richard Trumka ” Runaway CEO pay isn’t just bad for the economy it’s bad for the morale of the working families”. That is some statement coming from a guy who makes more then 8x the amount of a local union worker. We also must look at the lifestyle Mr. Trumka has now been very accustomed to. His 300k salary only tells part of the story. What about his jet set transportation that sees him flown from east coast to west coast to these very important “conventions”? These trips are merely playtime for the powerful. Having briefly been on that side of the coin I quickly realized where the funding of these jaunts were coming from. They come from the struggling middle class union workers who are out there putting their physical well being on the line so they can provide for their families the best way they know how. They try and justify this activity by convincing themselves it’s for the ” Men” or the more politically correct ” The Members”. Well it stinks and there needs to be a change or the existence of unions and their influence will cease.
I know to a lot of people they feel that would be fine. Some might even say it would radically help our competitive edge. They are wrong. Bear with me and I will tell you why. This single party rule system that is the American Union fosters all sorts of corruption and malfeasance. Hugo Chavez himself would love to be the one who crafted it but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. Union workers are schooled in techniques, trade specialties and latest cutting edge tools along with the highest safety standards in the world. This any Company owner would love as part of their workforce. What IS the problem? Leaders like AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. His 1930′s Template of violence and intimidation wont be tolerated in today’s 24 hour news cycle and you know what ? That’s just fine with me. Mr. Trumka I’m sure is loving his ” Rock Star Lifestyle” that gives him the ear of the President of the United States. Instead of making threats and inflammatory statements Mr. Trumka is famous for except when he is in front of a Grand Jury and Mr. Tough Guy pleads the 5th Amendment Protection for fear he might incriminate himself. This is a Coward. For all of his bluster and street tough persona he is nothing more then a common Bully. And like all bullies once you step to him they cower.
This constant battle between Unions and the Companies of the United States should End! They could be 2 of their greatest allies. The only thing stopping this from happening are the abysmal leadership of Organized Labor. I’m not saying every person who holds a position is guilty and needs to be replaced. It’s the ones at the top who intimidate. threaten and bully their way into the negotiations of these contracts albeit between the Rank and File or with the Companies themselves. No better example of what’s wrong with Union leadership then to look at Mr. Trumka’s resume. His Union Thuggery is right from the screen of ” On the Waterfront” and he has also followed our President’s lead and manipulates the complicit liberal Media quite well. By the end of Obama’s term Unions will be so poisonous I seriously doubt if there will be any left. Presently we are at below 12% nation -wide. I know Conservatives are giddy with excitement over this but they are missing out on a Golden Opportunity to acquire a huge natural voting block here. Yes, Rank and File members are almost 65 to 70% staunch Conservatives. Don’t beat em’ Join em’ it will create a huge new base and with this new party to contend with the DNC will have to work better at managing our funds or just stop robbing them from us. Also the GOP will add a great new dimension legislatively when it comes down to regulations, taxes and fees. All of the things that make the union wages so difficult for companies to absorb.
Lets also remember the greatest Union in the world : The United States of America
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Burned Obama Buddies, Unions and GOP 2012 Punching Bags

December 25th, 2012 Written by: No comments

As we look back at 2012 we see 2 groups that have taken serious amounts of punishment both financially and brand- wise. First we see the Republican Party. This Grand Old Party is in desperate disarray. Still recovering from an election hangover to beat the band they are now casting blame everywhere from Monday morning quarter-backing to the lack of ” Ground Game Skills” coupled with a weak candidate who could not shed his ” White Rich Guy” image. Which in today’s political climate is Kryptonite.
Then we have a group whom you would think would be in terrific shape …Unions. Never had we had a President so supportive and outright biased towards unions. So much so that during the GM Bailout he threatened investors to take his ” Deal” or he would unleash the full power of the White House Press Corp against them. Another group that was sacrificed during this Union -Backed Bailout was the Delphi Corp. These were middle management personnel. They had modest salaries but no union protection. These were middle class Americans whose pensions and healthcare were stripped from them. Another victim in this Bloody Bailout were the Car Dealerships. All across the country one after another were forced out of business due to the repercussions of this Bailout. The number of businesses closed and jobs lost easily spiked into the tens of thousands but due to a complicit media all you heard about was how this White House ” Saved the Auto Industry”. Well during that rescue jobs and livelihoods that were the very fabric of American life were forever lost.
The consequences of these actions have reverberated amongst the electorate in the form of Union Backlash. You are seeing states petitioning legislation for the ” Right to Work” bill to be implemented in their laws. The birthplace of the mighty Union – Michigan is now officially a ” Right to Work” state. This has sent shock waves throughout the nation. How could this be? The most powerful man on the planet ( The President ) cannot do anything to halt this ? Maybe…but he doesn’t care he has his precious 2nd term and like much of those who supported him have outgrown their usefulness therefore not worth his time and energy. Ouch! Oprah, Rev Wright, Tony Rezko and our favorite domestic terrorist Bill Ayers all have helped this President achieve power and have all been tossed aside for the greater good that is Obama. Just add Unions to that list of burned Obama buddies.
As far as I’m concerned the ones that helped this man to power should all suffer for their roles but regarding Unions I think they have a lifeline. I say this as a Union member who cares about his fellow Rank and File member. These are the victims of corrupt leadership and a outdated model by which to run an organization that desperately needs new leaders. My solution is to marry the 2 groups who have taken the brunt of the impact that is the Obama Administration. The Republican Party and Organized Labor. Sounds absurd at first but walk it through….Unions are an American institution save one characteristic – single party rule ( Democrat). Imagine BOTH parties vying for representation of the labor force? You would get the best of both worlds AND one party would keep the other in check. The biggest problem unions have is the fact that they are beholden to ONE party making it a single party rule fostering a recipe for a soft dictatorship and malfeasance which happens with great frequency today. What an opportunity the GOP have to come in and bury the hatchet and extend an Olive Branch to the members who by the way are 60 to 70 % Conservative anyway. This would grow a whole new group of supporters without going back on their core principles like I know they intend to do in the future.
This will take some doing and great political will but right now the GOP have nothing to lose. The shape they are in almost demands they do something big and bold and I truly believe this is the move to achieve it.
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Fiscal Cliff GOP’s Requiem

December 23rd, 2012 Written by: No comments

This Fiscal Cliff is a wonderfully crafted piece of legislation that is paying out huge dividends to this White House and their political drones who follow bumper stickers, endless rhetoric and polling numbers. It’s a pity this President isn’t as astute economically as he is politically or else we would be in the greatest financial Boom of our country’s history. They have brilliantly honed their message of ” They Should Pay Their Fair Share” or ” We Need a Balanced Approach” or my personal favorite ” I want 98% of the Nation to Receive a Tax Break”. On the surface a reasonable person would conclude…Yes these seem quite fair and should be implemented. Wait a minute… 2 years ago the economy was in much better shape and our Commander was confronted with the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts which were due to sunset. The economic climate though better than present day was still weak and precarious and Obama decided in this type of environment it would harm the economy to raise taxes on anyone including the top 2%.
Well it’s worse today but Barry is Hot in the pants to make these ” Evil Rich Bastards” pay their fair share! This always brings a roar to the crowd but it seems like no one is thinking about the impact of this move. Over 50% of these ” Rich Bastards” aren’t rich. They are small businesses who are barely hanging on in one of the worst and longest recessions I have ever experienced. Over 3 decades in the private sector and I have never seen it this bad. All across the country we hear of companies going out of business, cutting back on staff, raising their prices and some just dropping out looking for early retirement figuring it’s not worth it anymore.The truly rich are never going to be hurt. They are smart and well insulated with teams of lawyers and accountants who’ll manage to twist and squirm through any legal loophole possible and when all else fails they just pass the added expenses right on down to us. Boom! double whammy from Mr. Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share.
Speaker of the House John Boehner? That guy looks like he’s going to the gallows. The Republicans have managed to allow the DNC to be the ones to fashion their message. They are protecting the rich white guys and their money. They are so extreme on everything from Global Warming to Right to Life to Gun Control legislation. Thomas Friedman New York Times columnist contends that they are at war with math, physics, human biology, economics and common sense gun control laws. James Carville that handsome rascal and DNC Ragin Cajun who was famous for his advice to President Clinton ” It’s the economy stupid” thinks that the establishment GOP need better more moderate voters. Basically some pathetic quasi- conservative who is afraid to stand up for their values guaranteeing the extinction of the Republicans.
As we have a White House who is practically controlling the Mainstream Media and the White House Press Corp – misconceptions like Fast and Furious, Fort Hood Massacre, Gulf Oil Spill, Obamacare, Stimulus, the Photo-Op whoring of the storm Sandy, the cloaking of the avalanche of regulation that is going to hit the energy industry driving up energy costs like he promised and the most blatant vile deception that is BENGHAZI -GATE! All this and we have members of Congress defending Hillary Clinton his Sec. of State and how exemplary she has been …Stunning.
The Republicans need to be Reincarnated. They have a lifeline but refuse to grab it. Go bold! a great man once said. Right now there is an entity that is in a identity crisis as well …Organized Labor. This is the Democrats Holy Grail and center of their power base. There is such acrimony internally as well as amongst the leadership. The rank and file are starving for new representation. 60% to 70% of them are staunch Conservatives who need just an olive branch and would be on board with a competing party by which to voice their own opinions without fear of repercussions. This would shed the awful stigma that has been created by this Administration and show the GOP as a Big Tent Operation and show their true empathy for the Middle Class and perhaps shedding their own stigma of the ” White Rich Guy
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