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Unemployment Solution for the USA

January 11th, 2014

Good-looking construction worker — Stock PhotoWe have had one of the worst unemployment spells I have ever experienced. That’s saying a lot since for over 3 decades I’ve been a member. Being in construction it has always proved to be the greatest benchmark by which to measure the economic vitality of an area. If we ain’t building- fiscally we ain’t growing. That is why construction is so accurate. When investments are made buildings are being put up or at least renovated. This has a wonderful ripple effect because the skilled worker is now collecting a very nice salary and in turn putting that wealth back into the community in the form of goods and services. These lateral benefactors are now selling their services and merchandise to them experiencing the fiscal boost. The magic of the Free Market. It’s that simple.

Fast Forward to present day. We have this elongated length of high unemployment and we have a serious case of people becoming so dejected that they give up…If we are to remain the Global Economic juggernaut that we have always been this needs to end!

My Solution is to create an entity very similar to a Head Hunter except all applicants are collecting unemployment past the 6 month mark. Why? Because at this stage 2 things are happening to the out of work American- 1) he or she is becoming completely disenchanted with the current employment opportunities and lack thereof 2) Their Skill Set is beginning to rot. When you have no reason to wake up in the morning because there is no where to go that really goes to work on your moral. You start to develop a bad attitude and become miserable and even some cases depressed. These elements are toxic to any employer. What to do?

This Employment Agency Corp. EAC will partner you up to work with a company in your chosen field. They will make sure you are working with a fellow employee who has agreed to help update you on the latest methods and tools. These are critical when trying to immerse yourself back into the workforce. You will immediately begin to feel better. Things like confidence and self esteem will return amazingly fast and trust me the employer will sense that as well.  At the end of your trial period the employer will be given the first opportunity to put you on full time as a PAID employee or put you back into the cycle at EAC.

Now this is not perfect but it does address some of the very worse things of long term unemployment and tries to counter some of the damage.

Picture it. A Company that hires you to work as an intern. You do not get a salary but you do get the benefit of working with one of the top outfits in your industry. You begin to build your network and if all goes well get hired by the company that sponsored you. If not move on to the next one. At least your growing your resume and experience and exposing yourself to these priceless opportunities.  Folks, for people in their late 30′s to mid 50′s it is damn near impossible to get your foot in the door to one of these corporations. This will absolutely enhance your ability to do just that.

What’s your opinion? We’d love to know.

Andy Sullivan Blue Collar Hard Hats

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