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Happy New Year ! 40k New Laws Killing the American Dream

January 4th, 2014

Well Happy New Year! I guess we know the resolution for the elected officials in this country …To Tax, Regulate Lie and cheat your way to another term of enslaving the American People. What else could you make of enacting 40k New Laws?! Have you noticed it is nearly impossible to beat an entrenched elected representative? We must beware of this new and dangerous element that is¬†infecting the American Politic. If we do not I fear for my children’s Freedom and opportunity.
You know if you talk to any one of the CEO’s of the businesses we patronize nearly everyday we find one common thread. If they tried to begin their road to fortune they would be quickly discouraged and very possibly give up. These are not the words of some Right Wing group and or political party. These are the words and sentiments of the entrepreneurs that make up businesses within the private sector.
Fred DeLuca, ever hear of him? He is a billionaire. The creator of the largest fast food chain on the globe- Subway. He came from the lower middle class and began his journey towards success when he was 17 years old. That was 1965. Things were a lot different back then. I was a mere glint in the eye of my father. Technology was medieval. Yet this young man with a fire in his belly and dreams of success in his heart worked hard and focused at the goals he had set in motion. Take a small sandwich shop and turn it into a billion dollar enterprise. This is the very embodiment of the American Dream. This is the reason why millions risk life and limb to come here …well it was once.
Today it seems people come here to ” Get what they have coming ” instead of ” doing whatever it takes to achieve their dreams of success”. A huge part of this latest shift has been caused by our ever increasing and ever watching Government. We have people coming from overseas feigning heart attacks at the airport knowing full well that they would immediately¬† signed up with every subsidy and government cheese these bureaucrats could sign off on. Once they become established now it’s time to start having children and making the tax payers support them.
If this does not change and I do mean now I fear we have little chance of being that juggernaut of economic growth and prosperity. These type handouts will be the very downfall of the greatest nation that ever was. As they further restrict us with more restraints , regulation, bureaucracies and growing tax burdens the Animal Spirit of Entrepreneurialism will die…and along with that the spirit of the United States of America.
Take care who you vote into office. This is our last stand. The Constitution to them is this ” Out of Date Document” that cant be applied to today’s environment. I strongly disagree…join me and let’s truly begin the Taking Back of this Nation of Freedom.
Andy Sullivan Blue Collar Hard Hats
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