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The Obamacare Lie is Bad but The Whopper is This!

December 29th, 2013

Believe me I am sickened by the 5 part lie that was told to the American people in regards to Obamacare. 1 ) If you like your Doctor you can keep him 2) If you like your coverage you can keep it 3) The price of insurance will drop for a family of 4 by 2,500 dollars a year 4) This is not a Tax ( people and the media seem to forget this one) 5 This law will help small business / not only is it killing the incentive for growth it’s killing the animal spirit of entrepreneurialism.( the 50 threshold of full time employees for mandatory coverage) All of this IS TOXIC I agree but the Whopper that we were told in the beginning of this Real Estate Banking Crisis was the Real Killer. What was it?
The Whopper:
We need to Bailout the Banks or else the entire economy will Collapse! I knew this was crap when they proposed it and here we are almost 5 years later and this economy Sucks! Pile onto of that a 17 trillion dollar debt load and the growing cost of Obamacare ( 2.5 Trillion and swelling ) How about the loss of 9 million employees out of the workforce. Misleading everyone is this bogus 7% unemployment number. I remember Nancy Pelosi almost having an anxiety attack when under Bush we had a 5% unemployment rate. Boy times have changed.
He is due for another State of the Union speech. Pass the Crystal Meth if you need to stay awake. Talk about over exposed, over scandalled. Just today The New York Times had an article claiming NOW the entire Benghazi attack was over this video that NO ONE SAW! They must really feel we are complete dolts! To be honest I can’t half blame them. How in the name of God did he win in 2012? Oh wait we’re talking about the establishment GOP. They can’t run a campaign or pick a candidate worth their salt in the last 10 years.
How great would it have been if we Bailed Out the People and arrested the dirty Pols and Bank fraudsters? I know in my heart the Free Market would have made the proper corrections and we would be on much higher ground then we are on right now. Instead here we are pumping 85 billion dollars a month out of thin air into this false Market as we devalue the dollar every day. There will be a price to pay and I hope we elect the proper leaders with the integrity and patriotism to do this very brave task that is needed. God Help US.
Andy Sullivan Blue Collar Hard Hats
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