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Palin, Mathews and President Obama and the People He Fights For?

December 27th, 2013

Do you remember the movie with Bill Murray Groundhog Day? This Administration kinda reminds me of it. Not the content but the feeling of ” Haven’t we already heard seen and had this day many times before?” I mean every week its’ another scandalĀ  glitch, lie or rate shock in the ever evolving law that is Obamacare…BTW unilaterally changing a law is against everything the Constitution stands for…maybe the truly DO Nothing Congress ( Except spend our money and give themselves raises and cut the pensions of our brave military) will one day will challenge this guy…

The Media Tsunami that would have followed had it had been a GOP WH would be All-consuming and easily would of forced the hand of the President to clean house or for him to resign on his own. Not this fella though. He makes Donald Trump’s ego look like a pimple on the Ass of a flea. Meanwhile they sent a media -Strike Force to dig up anything on Sarah Palin. A mayor and Governor who was known for her flinty steady-handed ways. Newly thrust into the National arena the welcome she received was shameful. Excoriated and given the Salem’s Lot witch hunt treatment that would of destroyed any man…but not Mrs. Palin.

I think of all of the passes that were given to this Administration and I feel like our freedoms are slipping away. I was watching MSNBC the other day with Chris Mathews who’s really a very sweet man ( I met him at the DNC Convention in 2012) turn into to this drooling frothing mess when the topic of Ms. Palin comes up. I love it when he’s so overcome with venom that he questions 4 guests and ends up answering all of his own questions as the spiddle is flying around the studio.

I miss the days of the old Pressers. When the Watchdog Media truly was our watchdog. The only people that are hurting right now are the lower and middle class. This is the group that Obama has sworn to protect and defend yet we in the private sector are making less now then we did over 15 years ago. The massive jump in taxes and entitlements and regulations have shrunk the margins of ALL the small businessmen. Which in turn effects the salaries of their workforce.

This has got to be the biggest case of Caveat emptor for Obama voters

Andy Sullivan Blue Collar Hard Hats

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