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Obama gives US the Power to Stop Obamacare!

December 24th, 2013

obama photo: Obama obama.pngHow ? How does our President whose signature law Obamacare help stop this law?

Well in the wake of the rolling moving of deadlines , special interest waivers, carve outs to unions and plain ol ” make it up as I go along” this POTUS is setting some very extraordinary precedents. All of these unConstitutional acts by our President is driving the Right MAD! Yet these establishment cowards in Congress do nothing. We the people are begging for some intestinal fortitude from our elected officials yet all we get is a budget that cuts the pensions of our military retirees. Could you possibly think of anything more heartless and inappropriate? Truly,  these are the early stages of some 3rd world country led by a soft chip on his shoulder despot.

Still, with all of these terrible acts there IS a silver lining. Freedom Loving patriots of this once great and soon to be great again Nation has been handed a solution to halt this Leviathan of Legislation known as the Affordable Care Act. Obama himself ( unknowingly of course) has given the next Republican President who sits in the White House the answer. More importantly the Power to crush this toxic law and replace it with simple common sense ideas that actually make healthcare accessible to those who want it. Not ram it down the country’s throat whether you like it or not.

I know we all feel extremely comfortable knowing that there will be 16k IRS agents enforcing this despotic bowel movement of a law. After all…when I think of the IRS the first thing that comes to my mind is the warmth, kindness and tender nature of the IRS. The perfect group to administer care to the nation in need. Are you freaking kidding me!?

Thanks to Obama and his Castro-Chavez like ways this will blow out the powers of the White House and make him Imperial and able to trash this Liberty robbing law. The GOP’s problem is choosing the proper individual to do it. He or she must be able to beat someone like a Clinton yet with the integrity of a Reagan. Once this is repealed then we must trust our new leader to realize that if this nation is to be truly free we need to strip these powers of Executive Order and Presidential fiat right afterwards. The amount of trust we bestow our next candidate will be great. Even greater then their ability to execute his duties of the Oval Office. I pray for our future

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