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Obamacare : A Smashing Success ( but not like we thought)

December 8th, 2013

The true plan is beginning to materialize before our eyes. All of the failed website glitches and failures- the millions that were booted off their previous plans- This my friends was done with astounding efficiency and brilliance. How could that be? The Democrats are getting beat up in Congress and even the Media the President’s personal PR firm is giving the Administration a hard time. On the surface that might look that way but has anyone really been fired or even hurt yet politically? Sebellius is still sitting pretty and there is no evidence that the President is going to do any house cleaning. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are even out there touting the biggest Presidential lie since ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.


No folks I’m afraid we have been had. All of this faux outrage and actual outrage has been factored in. It always made me wonder why the insurance companies weren’t screaming for blood during this whole entire Health Care debate. Were they really that afraid of this Administration? That was indeed feasible especially after the GM Bailout where the investors got fleeced by Obama and his threats of sic ing the White House press on them. Why? it worked!


Well I said it – BAILOUT! This whole operation is part bailout part takeover. The insurance companies will cry that they will go out of business with all of these new allowances like 26 year olds still allowed on their parents plan and patients with pre existing conditions plus the huge influx of Baby Boomers who will blow this system up. Let’s not forget it is the young Healthies who are supposed to finance this monstrosity but how can they if they are on their parents plans?


Nothing about this works financially or even functionality wise. The only way Obamacare lives is if it gets a Government BAILOUT. Where will these funds come from? From the US Tax Payer. The best part of this diabolical plan is he’s going to turn around and say ” I’m only giving you what you wanted” ….and he’d be right.


Can we fight this? Of course! but we need to be united and prepared for serious pushback. In California the doctors there are protesting the Exchanges and not taking ANY Exchange patients. The total amount of participating physicians are 70%. You know the next move by the Feds will be to confiscate their medical licenses. This is where ALL medical personnel need to come together and stand with the few because one day it will be their licenses being threatened.

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