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The Misunderstood Congress ( They Work So Hard)

December 4th, 2013

I really feel sorry for this branch of government. They take so much verbal abuse it must really take a toll on them. You’ve got to realize something. They almost work 6 months a year and barely make close to 200k. Usually that’s in conjunction with their primary jobs. These lawyers , accountants, doctors and financial advisors really need this extra work just to be able to make ends meet.  These overworked souls are barely able to take half a dozen vacations a year.

What do they get for all of the scorn we give them?….well they do get all of their kids college loans forgiven, millions of dollars to staff their offices and a budget to pay for personnel…oh yeah after 2 terms they get a measly pension and social security that borders on the poverty level of 150k. These cowboys have it rough and we should praise them not abuse them.

Now here we are about to have one of Government’s greatest gifts bestowed upon us and we still complain. The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is going to solve all of our health care problems as far as driving costs down, covering pre-existing conditions and keeping our kids on our plans till their 26 years old. Don’t worry you will be able to keep your plan and doctor as long as the government says so. If it doesn’t it only means they know better and will take care of us. As a matter of fact they say this plan is SOOOO GOOD that they actually feel guilty and refuse to take part in it themselves. Furthermore their staffers wont even be part of this wonderful policy.

So do you now see how unbelievably generous and unselfish these saints are? Only people like us will be forced into this government takeover of 20% of the entire economy and every intimate detail of all our personal information and all of the details of our healthcare.  I bet you feel bad for them now….am I right? Of course I am! Let’s remember – elections have consequences ….indeed they do oh and BTW thank a Congressman they have it rough.

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