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DNC Nukes Nuclear Option : Here’s WHY!

November 22nd, 2013

Well it’s official- Chicago style politics has been implemented in DC. After years of protecting the filibuster / nuclear option the DNC have now eliminated it. Why? So many reasons- judicial picks, policy battles, executive orders and appointments are now a simple rubber stamp by Harry Reid!

All this is disturbing enough but the one bombshell I have been warning about is yet to come.

Obama is not planning on leaving this White House any time within 3 years …No Sir! The next shoe to drop will be term limits friends. Presidential Term Limits!! The ruse will be ” this Crisis we are in is too Dangerous to charge horses” we need the present leadership in there so he can use his experience and familiarity to this unique quagmire.”

I have been talking and writing about this for 3 years. He doesn’t give a damn about the country and it’s Freedoms he is Hell bent on Ruling It! The way he is unilaterally changing his namesake law ( Obamacare) is the perfect example of how he intends to make ALL LAWS. Immigration Reform was another one he was testing the waters with. Basically he becomes this ” soft ” Dictator and unless we make some HUGE seat swaps in 2014 I do believe it will happen.

God help us!

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