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Political Enema! Solution to Prosperity

November 17th, 2013
After running a grass roots campaign here in┬áNYC I have realized a couple of Hard Truths. First off to get elected it seems you need the absolute backing and the powerful infrastructure that only a political party can provide. To get this type of support one needs to deal away part of their soul. So in exchange the party will have the ability to control most of what a newly elected official will do. Didn’t you ever notice when a newbie candidate gets elected all of the sudden all of the policies he wanted to implement fall to the way side and suddenly they start talking acting and ruling like the same person that was in there to begin with?
Some of it can be attributed to learning more about the particular subject such as Foreign Policy. Almost nobody really knows the circumstances with world affairs until they’ve been entirely briefed by the intel agencies. I’m sure that’s always a rude awakening but most of the time it’s just the establishment teaching the New Blood how ” Things are done Around here”. Along with these revelations I’m sure there is the ol’ ” Hey you like being a Senator new guy? because we can make that title disappear real fast. Of course they are reluctant to give up there new position and they play along. New guy becomes old guy – the process is complete.
To combat this we need a Political Enema! We need an entire generational House Cleaning. And Congress I believe is the best place to start. These 10, 15 ,20 year terms need to end NOW! Every 2 years these people run for office. That means everyday of their term they are thinking about being re-elected. There is no room for doing anything helpful to the people all of the sudden everything is about getting re-elected and they are obsessed with it. How does this serve the public?
All terms should be 4 years and ALL should have a 2 Term LIMIT! this resembles what public service was supposed to be according to the Constitution. One more thing …ALL of these outrageous salaries and fringe benefits at the tax payer expense must end! Someone like Pelosi or Issa both who are worth hundreds of millions ( and McCain too should forfeit their salaries and provide their own health care and their own damn expenses!! Enough is enough! You elected officials claim to want to help improve the quality of the life of those less fortunate then SHOW ME YOUR MONEY! and stop with your trash rhetoric crap.
Do that and you got my vote and I honestly don’t give a damn what party you belong to.
Andy Sullivan founder of the 911 Hard Hats and blue collar corner
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