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A Kinder and Gentler Union?

October 21st, 2013

I am encouraged to see that Union leadership is beginning to adopt to the dire situation they are presently in. After the President of the AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka came out and told the world it is time to begin recruiting outside the traditional means it seems to have taken hold. After a disastrous  year for the Lobsterman of Maine a Mr. Lane decided to call on a few union organizers in the area and actually worked out a very creative and unique deal with the fisherman.

We now have the Maine Lobsterman’s Union. A local organized by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. This was set in motion of course by the fact that Union numbers have been cratering for the last 20 years. Even with a President ( Obama ) who is so pro Union some of his stances , the GM Bailout in particular actually did more bad than good for them in the long run and even though I loath Mr. Trumka and his 2 faced nature and duplicity this new approach is a very good sign.

Basically you can join the Union but you don’t have to be a member. What the union can do is be a big help during the contract process. Ordinarily the independent worker or contractor is at the mercy of the the company or agency and most cases there is an inherent advantage. Well because of Union organizers they can go in there as your proxy and get the best deal you can get for you and other people in your industry. Certainly the organizers would love for you to go the full boat and enter into a CBA agreement with them but the fact that they are willing to come over and act so generously is a very good thing and could lay some wonderful groundwork for the future of the Union Industry.

The only topping on the cake that I can think of would be if Unions could once again be bi-partisan like they were just before Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers. That has for the last 30+ years drove a wedge between the GOP and Unions. This is very unfortunate since over 50% of union workers are staunch Conservatives and do not go along with the way the DNC and the Union leadership conduct this Marriage Made In Hell. Well that’s one Union man’s opinion …what do you think?

Andy Sullivan Union Member Conservative and Candidate for NYC 2013

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