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Government Meltdown Obama-Style

October 12th, 2013

The End is Near!  Not just for the re-opening of the Government but for the chance of doing anything significant. As long as the Media is being controlled by the Left we will continue to spend and increase the deficit and debt until the United States economy implodes. Once this global event transpires you will see the combining of China, Russia, India and perhaps even Germany to create a new ” Dollar” by which the world will base all large scale fiscal activity. These countries will require the US return its’ Gold to them and America and her impact on world affairs will be greatly diminished. Thank You Barack Obama.

One of the very few promises this President of ours has kept it has been the one where he said” We are 5 days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America”. Boy did he live up to that one! We have already been downgraded financially and regardless if we stay closed or re-open government we certainly wont have any cut in spending or new economic policy that will help with the ballooning debt.

During the Bush Administration YES! the world did not like us and in some cases hated us BUT!…..they absolutely feared and respected us.Today after all the promise of International healing and cleaning up the planet and receding shorelines they either hate us more then ever or think we are weak and pathetic. Why do you think it’s so easy for Putin to play this President. He was Gung Ho!! about going after Assad ( Which I did not support) but Putin came in to protect his” Boy” Assad and all of the sudden Obama tucked tail and agreed to whatever the Ex- KGB Agent told him to agree to.

It seems like the only time this President shows any strength whatsoever it is against his fellow Americans. Never have I heard a President refer to the opposing party as the ” Enemy”. Right there should of been a red flag that this was a man looking to radically alter our Constitution. He shook the hands and bowed to depots but will not deal with the other party. The endless lies about transparency and broken promises seem never to be brought up during the very few Press Conferences he ever has. His Pressers sound like a One Direction fan club convention.

I truly worry about the future of my country. Other politicians look at the way this one behaves and will think it’s OK to do as he does until eventually Freedom and Liberty will be things we use to have when we were young. This is probably the biggest reason I am running for office. The best way to encourage change is at the local level and then watch out here comes the Irishman and he ain’t happy!

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