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Schnitzel House Benefit

September 29th, 2013

Here is an interview with Freddy the owner of the Schnitzel House. It is a German restaurant located in the cradle of Bay Ridge Brooklyn. It’s customers are mostly neighborhood gentry who keep coming back for the excellent food and the warm hospitality.  My meeting with Freddy was perfectly timed. Being a former business owner in the same area I know what type of taxes and regulations this man needs to deal with before he can put one dollar towards feeding his family.

This man and his establishment is the very lifeblood of the community. Everything from the Bartender Tommy to the lovely waitresses this is their livelihood. Freddy plays such an important role in their lives. This is who the city has decided to declare a revenue assault on. Everything from the DOB to Consumer Affairs to the warm-hearted IRS all converge on the small businessman to extrapolate whatever they can until there’s nothing left.

Thank God for the generosity of the locales and fellow biz owners. Without them a wonderful place like the Schnitzel House might cease to exist. As I met with the fine Bay Ridgites I realized this is what its’ all about. Neighbors helping neighbors. Together lets’ make sure when we vote we vote for those are in the corner of people like Freddy and the Schnitzel House. This place is not just a place to sit and eat this is a place of family and friends. Please stop by and say hello to Freddy and the gang. It reminds of a German themed Cheers. Dankeschon!

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