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NYC’s Political Super Villian

September 26th, 2013

Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver and his theft, political corruption, enabling sex criminals and the blatant way he does it in the face of the laws that he creates is beyond comprehension. Imagine we were exposed to ALL of the criminal activity he has nurtured and allow to happen under his 2 decades long rule? This latest batch of malfeasance is a small glimpse in to the entire mosaic that makes up New York’s most Powerful Politician – Gangster- Sheldon Silver. Cuomo and his Moreland Commission are probably made up of a gang of Shelly puppets. Does anyone really think that justice will be served to this man through this showpiece?

I must tell you Sheldon Silver is amazing. How do we proceed with this Arch Criminal? He’s like the Lex Luther of NYC politics. There is no real tool or vehicle to remove him. His influence and network is so entrenched. All of this law breaking and the silence from fellow pols is deafening. This to me is a sign that he’s got the goods on everyone else and NO ONE in office will jeopardize their lottery ticket lifestyle to put this man in prison where he belongs.

I do promise this though….when I win my City Council run I will make it my mission in life to bring Sheldon Silver to justice.

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