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Lets’ Go Joe! Cure for the Bloomberg Hangover!

September 24th, 2013


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	 Mayor Michael Bloomberg stands near mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio (R) during ceremonies marking the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, New York, USA, 11 September 2013. <br /><br /><br />
Here they are ….2 more different people and visions that only God could create and this salacious Media awaiting to devour it.

Lhota, the Rudy Giuliani budget wonk who is well schooled in things of policy and how to execute it. de Blasio, great stage presence and orator with a very almost savior-like tone….remind you of anyone? The Fiscal Hawk takes on the Entitlement King. Right now New Yorkers have the race a blowout but not me. I feel this will be a lesson in history.

If Americans have learned anything it is that progressive policies cripple and butcher the wealth creating ways of Capitalism. Detroit, at one time one of the greatest cities in the World now lays in ruin over the dominant party’s liberal ways. Places like Texas or North Dakota even Penn. are experiencing economic booms due to the easing of taxes and regulations. These 2 simple steps allow private sector money to breath life into an area. Instead of burdening them and threatening them with higher taxes and stringent regulations why not foster an environment that will tempt Job Makers to come to our city and employ our citizens?

We are not one of the most safe cities in the country by accident. No, it was done with intellect, purpose and courage to go against the populists of the day. Gas, Food, Electricity, Water and soon if we let them it will be the Air that we breath will become greater and greater revenue streams for the ever widening budget hole.

I know from very close and personal experience that the entire city has the approaching Bloomberg hangover and there is only one cure…VOTE Joe Lhota! Do not get fooled and romanced into the idolatry of the Obama-like de Blasio. Remember this is a man who is in very great political debt to the likes of a Bertha Lewis. Before ACORN was defunded Ms. Lewis the leader of the shady group who were well on their way to actually helping and participating in the importing of underage girls from foreign lands for the purpose of Prostitution. Charming I know but I wouldn’t want my Mayor indebted to the likes of this woman. As a matter of fact it was de Blasio himself that labeled his political status as a Democratic Socialist.

This is a recipe for a one way ticket to Detroitville. Lets’ keep this city the Empire City that it was born to be! Vote Joe Lhota!!

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