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Ground Zero Mosque Imam Exposed : Stealing and Lying

February 5th, 2013

Imam Fiesal Abdul Rauf was caught diverting donor funds to fund his lavish lifestyle. Coupled with the fact he lied about his Non Profit status to cheat on his taxes of 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Can anyone say Vindication? You think I’ll receive any apologies from Obama , Bloomberg, Anthony Weiner or the rest of the Nation who supported the Ground Zero Victory Mosque? I don’t think so but that’s OK just knowing the truth came out was enough for me. Here it is a couple of years later I had the honor of defending the heroes that were lost that day by creating the 911 Hard Hat Pledge. After the Community Board voted the project thru we had one last option to go about legally halting it and that was thru the Landmark’s Department. The building that they were proposing for demolishon was the Burlington Coat Factory. This was over a 100 years old and had a Palazzo design that was quite rare and already had been on the docket for 20 years for landmark status. When I attended the vote downtown and I heard one commissioner after another vote to wipe out this building of great American history I reminded these Bloombots that the Burlington Coat Factory was the actual 1st strike of the 911 attacks and that alone should have merited Landmark status….but these mayoral appointed drones did as they were told and voted it down.
I was destroyed. How can they build on the ashes of my Jody? In an act of desperation I phoned into the most popular radio talker known to man…Rush Limbaugh. In a divine act I get through!!! I tell the call screener I am Andy Sullivan the founder of the 911 Hard Hats and created the 911 Hard Hat Pledge asking all tradesman to pledge not to work this site. Well when the screener said ” Get Ready Andy you are going to be talking to 20 million listeners AND the Big Guy”!!! My heart nearly exploded as I waited in line. When I Heard my name I knew this was for America and my Jody and instantly I became calm and composed.
The rest was history. After that brief appearance I had 200k pledges sign up and suddenly people from all over the world were coming to our protests. I had this cross country tour chasing down Imam Rauf as he called me all sorts of awful names with terrible accusations. I was probably the only person ever to walk into a CAIR event with my Hard Hat covered with our Twin Towers saying NO MOSQUE at Ground Zero. The police showed but they didn’t need to. I had them and they knew it. BTW this happened in Dearborn Michigan. The most Muslim populated state in the nation. This would not stop this kid from Brooklyn. I’m actually running for City Council in my district and once again I got the opposition on the run.
They are great side stories as well. I love the fact Rauf and Gamal the man who claims to be so devote frequents prostitutes and was jailed for beating a man into the hospital was also shown what a deceiver he was. What a nice pair of fellas. My beef was never with peaceful Muslims I respect them and work with many but to have this one exposed is extra sweet. God is Good.
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