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The Palin Zone

February 4th, 2013
Where are the WOMEN??? After this disgusting sexual scandal involving one of the nation’s most premier Senators Mr. Menendez where are the legions of women defending these UNDERAGE GIRLS who were prostituted out to men of means. C’mon girls on the View! Whoopi and Joy you should be out there dragging them into the studio and going over all of the bizarre sexual favors these girls were asked to perform on one of our trusted elected officials. The silence is deafening. I can only put this into the category of the Palin Zone.
The Palin Zone: This is a universe where attacking women is encouraged and even looked up to and in some cases promotes one to positions of power and wealth. There is one stipulation- to enter the Palin Zone the perpetrator must be a liberal or the one being assaulted must be Conservative. If either one of these conditions is present you are in the Palin Zone.
The genesis of the Palin Zone manifested during the 2008 elections. When this gun toting, spark plug of a hockey Mom knocked the socks off the entire nation during the RNC Convention speech The delta squad of liberal journalists, writers , bloggers and investigators descended into Wasilla Alaska with one thing on their mind …Destroy this woman at all costs. The distinct advantage liberals have is they have licence to say anything without a scintilla of truth behind it. No matter how hurtful or ugly and untrue it matters not for they are under P- Zone protection.
The list of women grows. After Palin came Michelle Bachmann a 3 term Congresswoman who made a valiant run at the White House who was true to her Conservative values which just solidified her eminent attack. Howard Gutman the Obama Campaign National Finance Committee member actually told Laura Ingraham on her radio Show that regarding Palin ” Your responsibility is to your family first!” As he brought up their newborn son with Down’s Syndrome and her teenage daughter who was pregnant he continued ” she should get out of the public sphere and stay home.!”
This set the stage for Congresswoman Bachmann as she was made fun of insulted, slandered, maligned and awful photos taken of her but what did you expect? Another victim of the Palin Zone. A great woman and loving mother and wife with Conservative values bears the scars of her trip through the Palin Zone.
I make no excuse for these heinous attacks but now we are talking about victims of human trafficking as far as I am concerned and these young girls are victims and someone in the damn Justice Department should be ripping Menendez apart and the Media should be holding this man up as the Pedophile he is.
Where is the justice ? Where are the women?
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