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Target: Middle Class Worker

January 30th, 2013
It seems( God forbid there is a lull in the news cycle ) that every time the media needs a villain or a group to marginalizes the daggers always find its’ way to the heart of the Middle Class. The latest Pot Shot is by far the most absurd: The Graffiti Ground Zero Disgrace. Was this a real story? This one made me really think I was losing it. Are we really considering firing people for what they scribble on a unfinished piece of drywall or plywood? Where are we going with all of this? How much more power do we hand over to the Central Planners? We already have a Delta Force of ” Word Police Agents”. Things you can or cannot say or do are now under siege.
This Mayor of ours has sent a terrible message to fellow New Yorkers. I am the Mayor I am Rich and I know better and don’t give a hoot about some document written over 200 years ago at a time where men wore wigs and a musket was a Right given to us by GOD not man and certainly not by government. I am outraged by the way Bad Behavior is rewarded amongst the elites yet when it comes to the Working Class the bar is much higher and we receive a flogging from the baton of the righteousness. Being a Union construction worker for over 3 decades when I talk about this draconian disparity in the way society judges the working class I most definitely know what I’m talking about. Owning several small businesses, touring the nation with a tool I invented and doing political commentary and interviews at: Blue Collar Corner/ I am not your average Middle Class working Joe.
It is because of this awful treatment the Middle Class receives that made me want to get up and put my hat into the Ring for the NYC Council. This Mayor is following our President’s lead. He is doing things above and beyond his scope and limits of the Constitution. Just as President Obama circumvents Congress Bloomberg simply steps all over the Council with funding or very lucrative appointments turning them into a body of Court Jesters to be easily manipulated. Thank Heavens this is his final term…unless he decides to purchase another which could happen but I hope not.`Either way I really am leery of this particular field of ” would be Mayors” and feel Now more than ever we need a more balanced and active Council that has some voices with a Conservative perspective before they become the Mayor’s Rubber Stamp…again.
Everywhere I look, listen and read it’s the same…a War on the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Face Book and Twitter – 2 Universes of Social Interaction is currently being very active in monitoring and screening a great deal of its’ content and in some cases actually scrub the users comments and kicks them off the board entirely. This action has the stench of a Soviet Union type government not  America. You can go back and forth all day long about gun laws and if they work or not but all I know is D.C. and Chicago have the MOST stringent comprehensive gun laws in the nation which to some is admirable except for one thing…they  also have the highest rate of gun violence in the nation.
I know for a fact that the ordinary citizen who is not in a private Union is completely unaware of the abject servitude they are in. I know the way Union members are portrayed in the Media and it is very unfair. I condemn ALL acts of violence and thuggery and know full well for Unions to endure they must lose this 1930′s template and break this unholy marriage to the DNC. This is the perfect opportunity for the GOP to score some huge votes and in the process destroy the Democrats strangle-hold on them. This means the Republicans must end this ridiculous feud and draw from this organic field of Conservatives who just need a sign that the GOP is not out to wreck their livelihoods. The effects of such a move would shake the very foundations of the Administration on down.
I would give anything to see Obama’s face when his aides tell him” Sir the Republicans are actually reaching out to the Unions rank n file to petition for representation” now that would be a ” Priceless” moment.
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