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The New Slavery: Union Rank n File Member

January 24th, 2013
Richard Trumka the President of the AFL-CIO came to power in 2009. He is one of the most power hungry Union officials I have witnessed in my 20 year career as a Union Construction Worker. He extols the virtues of being and representing the ” Working Man” yet he is anything but… the men and women who use their bodies to provide for their families don’t enjoy ANY of the benefits Mr. Trumka does. Here is a man that attacks salaries of CEO’s and is your classic ” Class Warfare Advocate” who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and lives as good as any CEO of any Blue Chip Company. There is one area where he actually rises above even the most rich and powerful of white collar execs and that is he has the ear of the President of the United States.That said Mr. Trumka is finally beginning to feel the heat. Union numbers are at a 70 year low …that’s about 400k workers who have been forced to look elsewhere due to lack of work caused by 2 factors:
. 1) This Administration has emboldened union leadership by aggressively ruling on their behalf on ALL conflicts. One would think this a good thing but the numbers prove otherwise. The PR generated by all of this blatant union favoritism has backfired and caused a National Backlash causing businesses to look to other entities other than Unions when putting together their Labor Force for fear of intimidation and bullying during contract negotiations with these Union leaders.
2) The Economy has been atrocious. Start-ups who are the # 1 job creators of the Free Market are becoming extinct. This awful state of economic uncertainty has all budget makers befuddled making it impossible to project expenses because no one can forecast the level at where the tax and regulation burdens will strike. Therefore giving investors and entrepreneurs jelly legs when it comes to taking the risk required to be successful. No risk No Reward No Wealth Creation No Labor Force to glean dues , assessments, votes and of course Political Power.
Mr. Trumka is quivering in his 700 dollar shoes. As Union numbers decrease so does his Power. And as any one of us knows there is nothing more humbling than to work your way down the ladder of excess and corruption. Good always rises to win the day and I believe a serious reckoning is afoot.
I will keep repeating to my GOP and Conservatives alike…this is a golden opportunity to break the hold of the DNC on the voting block of Organized Labor. The Rank n File member of ANY Union is 60 to 70% Conservative!! Yes its’ True. It’s just they are frightened to say it out loud. In ALL of my interviews and polling I get the same thing…Andy please don’t tell anyone I’m afraid I’ll lose my job or worse get ” Blackballed”. Therein lies the Hostage situation the Union worker is in. Unless you are part of the Hierarchy you are an indentured servant sentenced to life and told how to think and who to vote for. Is this the country of Lincoln ? I think not.
I will continue to fight these bastards and do it through the legislative as I am victorious in my City Council Run and at the same time bring the GOP kicking and screaming to their solution of becoming relevant in this Obama -Era. I am Andy Sullivan and I will be your next City Councilman.
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