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A Governor 2 Reverends and Gun Laws

January 20th, 2013
It seems our Governor has been hanging out too much with Rev Al. Just because the dear Reverend lost weight doesn’t mean he gained any credibility whatsoever in the truth department. This is a man who has destroyed lives and careers so he could pursue his selfish dreams of legitimacy. Here’s a man who has the ear of our Governor and worst of all strolls in and out of the White House with regularity. The President of the United States treats this man with respect he surely does not deserve. This is a man under investigation for tax evasion, links to organized crime, actually threatened to picket the Michael Jackson concert back in 1984 unless the Black Community shared in some of the ” Take ” of the concert which he received a handsome amount in the form of ” Donations” from the promoters to NOT protest the event. Only years later after extorting money from Mr. Jackson he managed to weasel his now frail form to the podium praising how Michael was ” For Us”! That’s funny I don’t remember the good Reverend speaking out in defense of Mr. Jackson when he was accused of pedophilia…go figure. Then there was the misappropriation of charity funds and of course the money donated to the Brawley family somehow managed to also get combined with those funds as well. Yeah, this admitted FBI informant who would rat on his own associates to get his new lean ass out of trouble. Now suddenly adorned with White House ” Cred” Governor Cuomo is looking to get some confirmation from Obama’s U. S African American Ambassador the Great Reverend Al…liar, cheat and most of all Success.
Guns are not the problem it’s our culture. When bad behavior is continually rewarded it inspires us to do bad because if we do we will be handsomely compensated. The whole idea of somehow conflating this useless gun legislation with the memory of a great man like the Reverend Martin Luther King is appalling. Did you know the reason for the first gun laws were to keep guns out of the hands of African Americans? Not only that but MLK applied for a gun permit and was rejected and of course later assassinated. Boy those laws worked like a charm …but for whom? The criminal or the murdered one?
We must stop legislating by emotion and political gain and think about the safety of the nation and its’ children. Punishing the ones who obey the law makes us less safe. Our own prisoners in jail manage to still obtain illegal drugs while being continually incarcerated. What in the name of God makes you think this will stop criminals from getting guns?
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