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Al Qeada Alive and Well with American Hostages

January 17th, 2013
As you see in this video directly after the Terrorist Attack in Fort Hood Army base which was actually labeled a work-place act of violence even though Major Nidal Hassan shouted :” Praise be to Allah”.  Wounding 30 and murdering 13 unarmed Army personelle.To day as Major Hassan sits comfortably in jail and fights to retain his facial hair in which he has been successful his day of judgement has been continually postponed. No justice for the families of these brave soldiers. There has been other destructive effects as well. The lack of action regarding Acts of Terror has put more American lives in danger.
The entire world has been watching the way this American President handles attacks and his response or lack thereof. The attacks of the embassy in Tunisia or the Al Qaeda flag flying in the new Egypt currently run by Muslim Brotherhood member President Morsi is just a taste of what is yet to come. The disgraceful behavior of this White House and State Department in the aftermath of the Benghazi Attacks have been despicable. No answers or justice for those family members either. Just one dead Ambassador 2 brave Navy Seals and one civilian. Advantage: The Terror Community.
Fast Forward to present day and what do we have? A hostage situation in Algeria with 3 American citizens and dozens of other innocents from other countries. I know this Administration loves to hang their hat on the killing of Bin Laden and try to convince the public that we are winning the war of Terror and Al Qeada is in retreat and tattered. Unfortunately this is not the case. The staggering amount of hypocrisy that is on display as Congressional leaders like Pelosi who condemns Enhanced Interrogations Techniques or Water Boarding as ” Torture” yet supports drone strikes make me want to request a psychological evaluation. So we shouldn’t torture them we should shoot them from the sky murdering innocents such as mothers and children. Which occurred during Obama’s 1st ordered drone strike in Yemen but due to this complicit mainstream media we were only told about the high value tartget.What makes anyone think Iran will not go ahead and start producing nuclear weapons like they have a licence to? This Nation sits on a very precarious perch that is being weakened everyday. Leadership from both an economic and defense standpoint is just atrocious .I cannot imagine the state of the Union at the end of this Commander N Chief’s term…God help us.
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