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Path to Citizenship GOP Style: Hard Hats, Helmets and Green Cards

January 14th, 2013
Being a Conservative and being a Union Construction worker seems contradictory  but it is a lot more common than the ordinary layman would think. Union construction workers in the private sector work very hard for their money and are very reluctant to part with their blood and sweat revenue. Between union dues, assessments, benefits and finally taxes the check of a private union worker is nearly cut in half. Right now there is a great deal of Illegal Immigration employment happening Right Now! Did you know you do not have to show a social security number to the union officials when purchasing a union card? It’s their ” Dirty Little Secret”. What they do is just take the immigrants money give him a union book and hope the employer he gets sent to either accepts a Temporary Tax ID # or doesn’t even bother paying him union wages but instead allows the employer to work him Scab! ( For Cash with No Benefits).
Disgracefully this happens with impunity and the workers don’t protest out of fear of being blackballed. God forbid they go to the National Labor Relations Board. Their fate would be sealed AND there is always the question of one’s safety when dealing with the dark forces that still control a lot of the activity within private unions.This situation might have a solution and might kill 3 birds with one stone. How? Well illegal immigration is a huge problem and has become a wedge issue especially in the last election. Romney only managed 20% to Obama’s  67%. of Latino voters. The GOP will never win another election if this does not change.
My answer is 2 fold. As far as legislation for a Path to Citizenship I would very much support a screened candidate who was currently working or attending school commit to 2 years of military service followed by a 2 year probation period. If they comply with this criteria I think they deserve the right to be a US citizen. This can be a panacea for the GOP and its’ constant drubbing they get from the DNC. By taking this issue off the table NOW they can petition for representation for the Latino lobby on a level playing field.
The 2nd part of this Path to Citizenship GOP Style would be the Republican Party actually competing for representation of leadership within Unions as well! This would be a welcome sign for all of us Republican supporters out there and would send the Democratic Party into a tailspin of panic. Imagine cutting into 2 of their biggest demo graphs this would have such a positive effect on the GOP and its’ imagine I’m sure they would  be repaid in votes. Having 2 Party’s soliciting the rank n file for representation automatically makes each Party keep the other one honest. You see this is the Unions greatest weakness…the fact that single party rule fosters corruption and all sorts of acts of malfeasance. No 2 groups have been hurt more than the GOP and Unions these last 2 years and by doing this it would be a great act of redemption and pile the Immigration issue on top of that it’s a Win, Win for the Republican Party. This to me would be the lifeline we need for the Republican Party to be victorious in the next election cycle.
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