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Remember Benghazi? 4 American Families Do!

January 11th, 2013
Charles Woods. Anybody recall this man? He got to meet the President , Vice President and even Hillary our soon to be former Secretary of State who has been stricken with some of the most bizarre illnesses in such amazing succession it’s baffling the medical community. It might seem that Hillary has a allergic reaction to any and all inquiries regarding that event that has gone completely off the radar of the MSM but certainly NOT off of Mr Woods’ radar the father of the brave Seal Tyrone Woods. Tyrone was one of the 2 Seals left to fend for himself by the most powerful country on the planet .Dodging mortar fire for almost 8 hours fighting like the warriors that the were eventually they were taken out in a most cowardly and shameful fashion. Not by the enemy but left on their own by the cowards in the State Department. The event was the Benghazi Assassination of our Ambassador Chris Stevens. This has not occurred in over 30 years.
Again I am haunted by the words of our former White House Chief of Staff the reptilian troll Rahm Emanuel. Never let a crisis go to waste. This ethos exists today in spades. Fiscal Cliff, Debt Ceilings, Obamacare, Payroll Tax, Immigration and NOW guns….and how this Administration can disarm the nation. With all of this going on how can the American voter process such heavy issues and policy AND live their lives…impossible. This White House knows this. So they get to pick and choose at their leisure what particular Freedom they might yet again strip from us.
When Bush choked on a Dorito, Kate Middleton had morning sickness, Al Roker regarding his stomach operation¬† followed by him soiling himself in the White House, Katie Couric’s rectal examination that was broadcast on the Times Square jumbo-tron. This is just a mere scratch of the surface and yet we were inundated with endless medical testimony from every blessed healthcare professional with a pulse. Where were these examinations for our Secretary of State with her stomach virus, concussion and now the very delicate clot of the brain supposedly caused by the impact to her head. All of this taking her away from appearing before Congress. What’s puzzling though is where was the stampede of medical experts commenting on her very unstable condition? More of an enigma was You Never treat a brain clot with thinners! but this is what we were told by a lone solitary medical commentary. Also when leaving the hospital in her condition she should of been in a wheelchair but was not. Again, does not add up.
So what would we want answers to? Well for starters what the Hell was Susan Rice doing reporting to 5 news outlets about some completely absurd story about a video being the cause for the Benghazi attack. Or how come after 2 previous attacks in Benghazi so serious that the Red Cross and the UK bailed out because they felt their safety was compromised? Or Ambassador Stevens request for more security who actually stated in the request that Benghazi is now being taken over by Al Qaeda factions and they will not be able to repel an attack on the Embassy if initiated?Why were they denied the security? What did Hillary and the President know and when were they given this information? Why have these questions months later NEVER been addressed or even asked at Presidential Press Conferences? Now we have 4 brave Americans who were able to be saved but instead were left to die by the most powerful country in the world.
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