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Hollywood! Shut the Hell Up!!

January 3rd, 2013

I am sick and tired of these imbeciles who are incredibly good looking and know how to act trying to tell me what’s best for me and my family. They are so desperate for attention not all the exposure from all of the media they do is enough for them. So what do they do? They inject their opinion into the public conversation. Of course because of their ” Celebrity Status ” they are given all of this coverage they crave and we the public are bombarded by their idiocy. In today’s political climate it is never been more prevalent. The reason for this is this President. Evidently Obama is considered the ” Cool” President. His hard left ideology plays right into the wheelhouse of these Hollywood fools and unfortunately we have to hear and see their moronic displays of political insight.
Enough!! Clooney, Russell Simmons, Rosanne Barr, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Moore and ALL of you Super-Rich Megalomaniacs – Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Where the Hell do you come off talking about policy? No one has benefited from this Nation more then you, you greedy narcissistic bastards. It’s because of your Egos that we have the most destructive man to occupy the White House in our country’s history. He is killing the very Freedoms that made it possible for you A….Holes to be successful. You don’t give a damn about your fellow citizens. All your concerned about is seeing yourself next to this Freedom Killer.
If I thought for a second any of you were sincere I would respect your opinion but because of the level of Hypocrisy I cannot. Jon Bon Jovi….you rail on about the rich paying their fair share yet between your team of accountants and lawyers you loophole your way through 100′s of thousands of Real Estate tax breaks because You’re a Bee Farmer?! Same goes for YOU Boss! Yeah Springsteen’s team must’ve got word from their Blood-sucking legal department about the Bee Farmer clause in the New Jersey Tax Law because their exploiting it as well. How about Mr. Russell Simmons? Yeah this guy goes down to Occupy Wall Street like he’s down with the 99% yet he’s worth 325 million dollars. He hasĀ  this insanely high credit card service that preys on poor bastards like these people and he has the audacity to come down and march with them like he’s one of them?!
Michael Moorer, you are probably the most reprehensible of all. The way you talk about young people who have served in our military or the hard working blue collar community that you claim to be on the side of is blatantly self- serving. During the OWS protests you like Simmons are part of the elite you are demonizing. These limo liberals don’t give a damn about anyone or anything but themselves. They don’;t care about policy because of their wealth and resources they are not really subject to anything that would alter their ” Rock Star” lifestyle. So instead we become the victims of their hurtful Freedom Stealing boneheaded policies that this President support.
Hey Jamie Foxx, I know you think this disaster of a Commander in Chief is YOUR Savior but he ain’t MINE! I know how in step it is in Hollywood to slam guns and gun owners however are any of you insipid fools aware of how ridiculous you look when you talk about the culture of guns and how much of a role you have played in making them very alluring thru your videos and movies? Or how about the fact that everywhere most of you go you are shadowed by a squad of your own personal armed guards?
So my message to the individuals in Hollywood who play ” Make Believe ” for millions of dollars is this …F…Off ! Stop interjecting into the way this Nation determines policy. The middle class are fighting for their lives with a President who will not be happy until we have become completely dependent on Government and in doing so become slaves to it.This is not a movie set. We of the middle class have no limo to get into or private jet to scamper off to the South of France to. Get down on your knees and pray to whatever it is you pray to and be thankful for your Lottery Ticket lifestyle. Hugs and Kisses from the Middle Class.
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