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AFL-CIO Prez. Trumka: For Unions to Survive He Must GO!

January 1st, 2013
Richard Trumka ” Runaway CEO pay isn’t just bad for the economy it’s bad for the morale of the working families”. That is some statement coming from a guy who makes more then 8x the amount of a local union worker. We also must look at the lifestyle Mr. Trumka has now been very accustomed to. His 300k salary only tells part of the story. What about his jet set transportation that sees him flown from east coast to west coast to these very important “conventions”? These trips are merely playtime for the powerful. Having briefly been on that side of the coin I quickly realized where the funding of these jaunts were coming from. They come from the struggling middle class union workers who are out there putting their physical well being on the line so they can provide for their families the best way they know how. They try and justify this activity by convincing themselves it’s for the ” Men” or the more politically correct ” The Members”. Well it stinks and there needs to be a change or the existence of unions and their influence will cease.
I know to a lot of people they feel that would be fine. Some might even say it would radically help our competitive edge. They are wrong. Bear with me and I will tell you why. This single party rule system that is the American Union fosters all sorts of corruption and malfeasance. Hugo Chavez himself would love to be the one who crafted it but lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. Union workers are schooled in techniques, trade specialties and latest cutting edge tools along with the highest safety standards in the world. This any Company owner would love as part of their workforce. What IS the problem? Leaders like AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. His 1930′s Template of violence and intimidation wont be tolerated in today’s 24 hour news cycle and you know what ? That’s just fine with me. Mr. Trumka I’m sure is loving his ” Rock Star Lifestyle” that gives him the ear of the President of the United States. Instead of making threats and inflammatory statements Mr. Trumka is famous for except when he is in front of a Grand Jury and Mr. Tough Guy pleads the 5th Amendment Protection for fear he might incriminate himself. This is a Coward. For all of his bluster and street tough persona he is nothing more then a common Bully. And like all bullies once you step to him they cower.
This constant battle between Unions and the Companies of the United States should End! They could be 2 of their greatest allies. The only thing stopping this from happening are the abysmal leadership of Organized Labor. I’m not saying every person who holds a position is guilty and needs to be replaced. It’s the ones at the top who intimidate. threaten and bully their way into the negotiations of these contracts albeit between the Rank and File or with the Companies themselves. No better example of what’s wrong with Union leadership then to look at Mr. Trumka’s resume. His Union Thuggery is right from the screen of ” On the Waterfront” and he has also followed our President’s lead and manipulates the complicit liberal Media quite well. By the end of Obama’s term Unions will be so poisonous I seriously doubt if there will be any left. Presently we are at below 12% nation -wide. I know Conservatives are giddy with excitement over this but they are missing out on a Golden Opportunity to acquire a huge natural voting block here. Yes, Rank and File members are almost 65 to 70% staunch Conservatives. Don’t beat em’ Join em’ it will create a huge new base and with this new party to contend with the DNC will have to work better at managing our funds or just stop robbing them from us. Also the GOP will add a great new dimension legislatively when it comes down to regulations, taxes and fees. All of the things that make the union wages so difficult for companies to absorb.
Lets also remember the greatest Union in the world : The United States of America
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