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Burned Obama Buddies, Unions and GOP 2012 Punching Bags

December 25th, 2012

As we look back at 2012 we see 2 groups that have taken serious amounts of punishment both financially and brand- wise. First we see the Republican Party. This Grand Old Party is in desperate disarray. Still recovering from an election hangover to beat the band they are now casting blame everywhere from Monday morning quarter-backing to the lack of ” Ground Game Skills” coupled with a weak candidate who could not shed his ” White Rich Guy” image. Which in today’s political climate is Kryptonite.
Then we have a group whom you would think would be in terrific shape …Unions. Never had we had a President so supportive and outright biased towards unions. So much so that during the GM Bailout he threatened investors to take his ” Deal” or he would unleash the full power of the White House Press Corp against them. Another group that was sacrificed during this Union -Backed Bailout was the Delphi Corp. These were middle management personnel. They had modest salaries but no union protection. These were middle class Americans whose pensions and healthcare were stripped from them. Another victim in this Bloody Bailout were the Car Dealerships. All across the country one after another were forced out of business due to the repercussions of this Bailout. The number of businesses closed and jobs lost easily spiked into the tens of thousands but due to a complicit media all you heard about was how this White House ” Saved the Auto Industry”. Well during that rescue jobs and livelihoods that were the very fabric of American life were forever lost.
The consequences of these actions have reverberated amongst the electorate in the form of Union Backlash. You are seeing states petitioning legislation for the ” Right to Work” bill to be implemented in their laws. The birthplace of the mighty Union – Michigan is now officially a ” Right to Work” state. This has sent shock waves throughout the nation. How could this be? The most powerful man on the planet ( The President ) cannot do anything to halt this ? Maybe…but he doesn’t care he has his precious 2nd term and like much of those who supported him have outgrown their usefulness therefore not worth his time and energy. Ouch! Oprah, Rev Wright, Tony Rezko and our favorite domestic terrorist Bill Ayers all have helped this President achieve power and have all been tossed aside for the greater good that is Obama. Just add Unions to that list of burned Obama buddies.
As far as I’m concerned the ones that helped this man to power should all suffer for their roles but regarding Unions I think they have a lifeline. I say this as a Union member who cares about his fellow Rank and File member. These are the victims of corrupt leadership and a outdated model by which to run an organization that desperately needs new leaders. My solution is to marry the 2 groups who have taken the brunt of the impact that is the Obama Administration. The Republican Party and Organized Labor. Sounds absurd at first but walk it through….Unions are an American institution save one characteristic – single party rule ( Democrat). Imagine BOTH parties vying for representation of the labor force? You would get the best of both worlds AND one party would keep the other in check. The biggest problem unions have is the fact that they are beholden to ONE party making it a single party rule fostering a recipe for a soft dictatorship and malfeasance which happens with great frequency today. What an opportunity the GOP have to come in and bury the hatchet and extend an Olive Branch to the members who by the way are 60 to 70 % Conservative anyway. This would grow a whole new group of supporters without going back on their core principles like I know they intend to do in the future.
This will take some doing and great political will but right now the GOP have nothing to lose. The shape they are in almost demands they do something big and bold and I truly believe this is the move to achieve it.
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