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Unions-Presidential Political Drone Attacks

December 13th, 2012


After my debate with Steven Crowder on Sean Hannity’s radio show and then again on FOX’s Hannity I realized just how volatile a topic this is becoming. Yet again the nation is split on this issue of ” Right to Work ” and Organized Labor. The media senses this and ends up going to the most radical and bombastic on both sides and splashes them on every venue and social media vehicle they could find once again clinging to the rule of thumb in media-land ” If it bleeds it leads”



Having done a lot of media on both sides of the mic I do understand. This however hits home for me in a very personal and patriotic way. After these appearances yesterday I was inundated with e mails and Face Book comments that were quite surprising. There were many comments of a positive supportive nature then there were those who were extremely negative. Now I knew there would be a slew of anti- union followers but these people were folks that I went to Tea Parties and demonstrations with at such events as the KSM Trials, the Rally to Rebuild Ground Zero and the protest of the Ground Zero Mosque. I occupy a space that few admit to. A staunch Conservative who works in a union and doesn’t support ” Right to Work ” legislation.


Getting the exposure from being on Hannity I must tell you I was blown away by some of the draconian reaction by my fellow Conservatives. Then of course they were the well thought out ones who understood Media and the way certain topics could be presented and sometimes distorted.


I would never advocate any acts of violence and this Call to Arms by these union leaders is destructive to what they are trying to do and in the end it’s the Rank and File member who suffers with this demonization and the entire group develops this terrible stigma that makes the Union completely unpalatable to the entire nation.


The Union members are pawns in this debate. First by the leadership who pumps them up with rhetoric filled with fear and anger and if that doesn’t work …actual threats of being Blackballed then… again by politicians who use their union backed influence as a mighty mallet to pass thru pieces of legislation they feel is helpful to their cause. All of this will end badly regardless of which side wins. We need cooler heads to prevail and work out these issues. I don’t think the present leadership in the union will do it. The most severe act of self-destruction is the way this Administration constantly uses the unions as his battering ram to implement his policies and if we are to come out of this with a agreement that is satisfactory on both sides our President needs to stop using the members as his ” Political Drone Attacks”. I have no problem with Drone attacks on Al Qeada leaders but not on my fellow Americans.


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