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Food Stamp Myth

December 9th, 2012

We all had a very warm feeling in our hearts when Police Officer DiPrimo bought this seemingly ” Homeless Man ” a pair of boots as he sat outside barefoot on a brutally cold night. Well fast forward to present – this man has a federally subsidised dwelling to live in and the new boots that were bought for him are gone and he is once again shoeless. This made us finally look at our ” War on Poverty” which seems more like a ” War on the Taxpayer”. Not only did twinkle toes manage to rid himself of the boots- he began to voice his goal of going after the woman who took his picture with officer DiPrimo because he thought they might have been some compensation derived from it due to its’ viral nature afterwards on social media.

One cannot listen to the radio without hearing the onslought of commercials promoting Food Stamps. The Food Stamp recipients have grown exponentially during this Administration’s 1st term and shows no signs of slowing down during the 2nd one. I was surprised to hear some of the figures regarding this tax payer funded Welfare Industrial Complex. The last 4 years the number grew from 35 million to 47 million and as I said no slowing down in sight. In fiscal year 2012 we are projected to have spent 1 TRILLION dollars on Welfare. That is roughly over 20k dollars per recipient every year! This has surpassed defense spending AND does not include Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security. This on its’ own would be shocking enough but wait all of these figures would suggest many things but most of all it would seem more people are becoming poor. Thing is because of the relaxed regulations on those who can collect Food Stamps it is being utilized by people who make double the poverty line benchmark. ( 11k if single and 22k if married) This move is huge and I can see why people would take advantage of it but it has been done this way for a reason and it is working out just as planned…turning this great nation into a people of dependents. I pray things change but they are so many forces pushing this policy and we are at the mercy of those we have elected. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I am running for office. We need to change course on the way we handle so many things and we need to begin NOW!

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