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Mr. President : How do you Sleep?

October 26th, 2012

News Photo: Republican presidential candidate former Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney…I am getting a vibe that seems to be resonating throughout the country …Governor Romney is going to be our next President. I really thought it was an impossible task for the Governor. Taking an incumbent out of office is an awfully tough operation and to execute such a job there needs to optimum conditions. Looking at the race from an objective standpoint I immediately recognize 2 elements that only recently have become very clear. After that 1st Debate it looks like Romney IS the President and Obama is the challenger. Poised measured and tactful are the words that come to me regarding the Governor and Obama is the aggressor, attacker and somewhat irritable. This doesn’t read well to the voting public if you are on the fence with this race. Presently the gender gap has vaporized and Romney leads independents by double digits!! I can only imagine Obama’s Senior political advisor David Axelrod ( who has been finally asked some tough questions) about his man and looks like a man about to lose his job. My fellow Blue Collars and Hard Hats remember the absolute grandiosity that the Obama team came into the White House with? The American public were enamored with their first Black President and felt like with this event they could brush away a century’s worth of racism and guilt that has plagued this very Politically Correct Nation. Well if anything the complete opposite has occurred. The oceans have not receded the world hasn’t embraced us lovingly and if anything there has been a great deal of uncertainty that has developed from our allies and our enemies. Still the one area if fixed would be the saving grace for our young President- The Economy. That is not the case however. We are being crushed if you are a middle class member. Small business, blue collar, pink collar and even the mid-level white collar folks are all either out of work , working for less or are in a constant state of worry due to the precariousness of the market.

News Photo: President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate and…All of these factors are a death sentence for any incumbent. The polls say the race is still close and the reason could be our innate feelings that are frightened of change…even if it is for the better. I find it quite ironic the state of the country today and that of 4 years ago. I would never have guessed that the candidate would be the one to be wearing the Hat of Change this time around. There is a feeling out there that the slow gradual increase of momentum from the Romney camp is growing with each day but the President reaches for the ” Small Ball Attacks”. Romnesia, Binders of women, Big Bird and the constant accusations of Liar! The President calling anyone a liar in light of this Benghazi Gate Scandal is appalling to even the most staunch supporter and though the Mainstream Media who is the President’s personal PR firm is damn near ignoring it the people want answers as to why these brave Americans are dead and why during this torrid incident we basically did nothing to rescue them? Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the reason for not sending back up was because …we don’t send Americans in harm’s way. Is that even a real answer? These patriots have signed up for this and when a fellow American is in crisis we move Heaven and Earth to get them!! The more that comes out about this Attack the more ugly it gets. It is boiling down to a  complete Cover-Up or the very epoch of incompetence either way this country deserves better especially our people overseas who risk their lives everyday. We do know the White House was alerted to the fact that this was a coordinated attack and lives were being lost yet he actually went to sleep that night without sending a lifeline to these brave countrymen…dear God who could do such a thing?

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