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90x vs. Vice Tourettes or The Vice President Debate

October 12th, 2012

This was typical Biden. Interrupt, getting the last word in, smirking and laughing…interesting to see how the voters absorb that. Perhaps it might work but I suspect it will be seen as a negative. The Obama campaign are probably going to be happy I really don’t see this debate as a bounce moment for either side. Paul Ryan was polite and very respectful but Biden was showing almost a demeaning sort of contempt for even having to be there. Ryan’s attacks were pointed and pretty easy to understand but Biden kept on talking while Paul was and saying ” Translation” and “ What’s he talking about” All in all I think it will be perceived as rude.

I also think that Biden was playing real loose with the facts on several issues. Regarding Benghazi and the murder of the Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans Biden blamed the intelligence community for the early claim of that absurd video and a spontaneous demonstration. Then he made the claim that the White House and the State Department were unaware of Steven’s request for extra security. This point has been already proven. How will the spinners call it? Well Biden is the Warrior of the Middle Class- I don’t see that taking from one to give to the other serves either. Hey but that’s me …I love the don’t just give the guy sustenance teach him how to fish so he will be able to provide for himself and family for the rest of his life. How does Biden reconcile the giving of 90 billion to the Green Industry that almost immediately disappeared without a job to show for it. It was also brought up that almost all of these Green Companies were supporters and donors of this Administration. Biden once again exploding claiming that it was investigated and that there was no charges of cronyism filed. Another one for the fact checkers.

I was very frustrated that Ryan didn’t jump all over the GM claim. They saved the car industry and 200k jobs JB claimed but what about the entire Delphi Corporation ? This was a mid level company with non union mid level guys and girls who after this buyout lost their job, healthcare and pensions. After the bailout that was at the expense of the investors and hundreds of car dealerships who had to close and let go tens of thousands of employees. This was a clear favor job for the union leadership whose coffers were fat from their fellow workers and dealership owners who were not union…too bad for them. Romney claimed that this could’ve been done in the traditional bankruptcy where they could have dismantled the non profitable parts from the ones that were cost effective and begin to streamline the company from the base giving it a much more easily attained profit margin. All without giving them tens of billion of tax dollars along with selling off almost 10% to Canada. To finally close on the GM debate it IS presently in a new state of being bailed out AGAIN! They are not reporting this in the Mainstream Media but the fact is the Chevy Volt has become a serious boondoggle that is costing the Company 49k per unit of LOSS. This is what happens when Government picks the winners I would’ve beat Biden over his freshly plugged scalp with that one.

In the closing statements I loved how somber and in an almost raspy whisper Biden spoke about his beliefs with such great conviction. The guy came to play today. He needed to at least score a push and I think he might have got it. Regarding Paul Ryan’s statement he was pretty much saying ” You had your shot and it’s not working …we need a job creator in the White House and most importantly we will not abandon our values just re- apply them”. I thought the ” We will not blame others” was well received and to finally exploit the Presidents laundry list of failures right in the Vice Presidents face was solid.

At the end it reminded me of an old crafty  boxer who replaced his endurance and strength with fighting dirty and isn’t nearly effective as he once was but what he can do is make the younger stronger upstart NOT look as good. I did think Ryan outpointed him but in the end not a clear cut victory.

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