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Bloomberg: 3rd Term Not a Charm!

October 9th, 2012

Michael Bloomberg The Businessman’s Mayor ? Yeah well maybe if your a Billionaire he is but if you’re a small Mom and Pop operation he will crush you like a grape. How often are the interests of the small business owner who might employ 5 to 20 employees aligned with the 10th richest man in the world who by the way upped his wealth status by 4 during the nation’s worst recovery in our history. Pays to be the King. The only thing I can think of that matches the man’s wealth is his ego which might even surpass it.

Remember long ago when we thought we were ready for another Mayor because our little fella had done his final term? Well ol Bloombucks thought that for the good of all of New York and its’ citizens he should run for a 3rd term. Wait a minute ! Wasn’t it him who fought for the implementation of no 3rd term for NY Mayors? Yup but that was for us poor subjects not our elitist Mr. Knows What’s Best For Us Supreme Mayor. It only took a 100 million dollars and a lot of ” insider greasing” to get it done legislatively and then buying the best votes money can buy and still Thompson gave him a run for his vast amounts of money.

Turns out the 3rd term was far from a charm for most New Yorkers. Private citizens and small business owners have been getting the ” Death by a Thousand Cuts” treatment. He has made sure to turn the Police Department into a bunch of glorified ticket agents. Pitting unit commanders against each other running up the quotas ( You know the ones that don’t exist) and turning it into an extremely competitive process where by the people are always the losers. The amount of regulations that have been levied against small business and start-ups are so great that there has been a 30% drop in start-up activity and as most are aware of the newly created jobs come from this sector almost exclusively. The Health Department and its’ grading system has been lethal to owners. Coming back again and again not for the public health standard but for the fiscal health of this gigantic pig of a bureaucracy that forever remains insatiable. Also part of the parasitic alphabet agency is the Sanitation Department who much like the police are required to write a certain amount of tickets or else. In some cases even putting garbage on someones property and writing them up for it. Another is the NYFD. We are used to these men and woman risking their lives saving us from terrible situations but here this is plainly not the case as we get violations for everything from an improper egress route to fire alarms and in some cases now the very expensive sprinkler system. This has all augmented under Bloomberg and he has been doing an invisible man on us. I’ll never forget one morning opening up the bar I owned back in the early 90′s and a woman walked in with padlocks and put them on the bar and began to write. Who was this silent lady writing at my small shot and a beer saloon? Then I asked ” Can I help you Miss” she looked up and said ” I’m closing you down” my head began to spin ” Why!” I cried. She then informed me that I had no posted Food Handler’s Licence. I laughed relieved ” Miss I have no food” she then went behind my bar walked past me opened up the ice machine and told me” ICE is FOOD”. That violation shut me down for weeks as I went to school to attain a license that trained me about meat, fish and poultry and most cheeses. How ludacris and wasteful.  No 2 words would be better when discussing the economic climate for an area like New York.

It seems he is the Mayor of business when it effects His business. Things like the Minimum Wage Bill or the Mandatory Sick days or my favorite Advocate Bill DiBlasio’s Tax the Rich Bill he will make his opinion known ….because these he is against! Hey MIKE! enough with treating sugar like it’s a controlled substance and if yoiu like Mommy’s Milk keep it to yourself!  Well people are leaving New York in droves and its’ mostly the job creators so watch revenues start to crater. I do not envy our next Mayor but he will have one thing going …he’ll have a job.

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