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Governing Gets in the Way of the Obama Money Train

September 22nd, 2012

How dare the Middle East go up in flames while Emperor Obama is on the Money Train to his supposed 2nd term ( Please God say it ain’t so!) I find it truly amazing how powerful the mainstream media is. Here is a President that has absorbed scandal after scandal- Secret Service Hooker Gate, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the complete mishandling of the Gulf Oil Crisis, a DNC Convention where half of the delegation was on TV booing the implementation of God back into the platform along with Jerusalem as being capital of Israel and NOW the Mid East has gone to war on the Cairo Doctrine. This was supposed to be Obama’s crown jewel of delivering a peaceful working relationship with the Middle East because Obama grew up in a Muslim country and by sucking up to every rag tag despot and apologizing for HIS country he is now President of bowing to these cretins they will now love us…How’s that working out for ya??

Any other President would be at 15% approval rating yet because of the media’s love affair with the left and their champion Obama we have story after story of Mitt Romney and his latest act of stupidity. The White House has been doing everything within it’s power to pin the blame of the Benghazi murders on some dopey video that “ Insults the Prophet Mohammed”. Everyone from Secretary of State Clinton to White House spokesman Jay Carney to the President himself all sticking to the same cover story. The rest of the reasonable world thought otherwise. This was a very sophisticated double layer attack that involved timing and inside sources. Rocket propelled grenade launchers and heavy artillery doesn’t just show up at spur of the moment demonstrations. It was 911′s 11th Anniversary and our security was lax and the word got out about the easy target of our Ambassador Chris Stevens and the 2 brave former Seals who by the way before their demise saved dozens of lives . None of this was mentioned by King O or Clinton who still never let a public statement go by without slamming and apologizing for this stupid film that we had nothing to do with. Even now we have spent 75k worth of tax dollars purchasing commercial air time to publicly yet again say how sorry we are for the video. Sorry is Right! What a sorry excuse of leadership!

I do not see how any lucid person could keep this man in office unless they hate this great country. Did you know that Chris Stevens was tortured and raped before he was eventually murdered RAPED AGAIN and then dragged throughout the streets of Bengahzi? No? Not surprised it doesn’t help with Hugo Obama and his 2nd term so therefore the mainstream bury it underneath a fusillade of Romney attacks. Is this what we want? Another 4 years of lies and deception?

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