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Oppose Obama? You’re a Racist!

September 19th, 2012

Never have we had such a stark contrast in vision during a Presidential election. There are some conservatives I talk to who say ” We need to give this Marxist another 4 years so he can completely annilalate our Free Market system,  allow the rest of Obamacare to be implemented and let the entire nation feel the massive Tax Bomb that is about to hit us the first of this year. Only then we will realize how destructive these policies are while waiting on line for Health Care along with the rest of the world as squalor spreads throughout the land.” Finally they say- America will understand that this is no way to Live Free!

I pray that it is not the case but when I get into a political debate at work with people who get ALL of their information from nothing more then the Mainstream Media I feel they are miserably misinformed and listening to a pre-determined narritive that is of a leftist agenda. This creates quite the vitriolic exchange and usually ends badly. One particular day after simply asking a fellow worker what policy that Bush implemented created this finacial collapse he paused…looked at me without a coherent answer and called me a racist. I asked do you mean if a white man voted for Obama in 2008 and will not vote for him now because he feels he’s done an awful job he’s a racist? After another long pause he replied Yeah!  There have been stories of many a conflict actually effecting how a person is judged during a possible raise , advancement or sometimes the elimination of that persons position entirely.

You know I really love that quote from Thomas Jefferson ” When the people fear the Government there is Tyranny when the government fears the people there is liberty” This is evident in every aspect of my life and sadly it is people from all around me who say to me when I wear an anti-Obama hat or tee shirt ” I wouldn’t where that if I were you” and I look at them increduously and ask why? Usually the answer lies in the fact that the word will go around your not in lock step with this President and it might very well have an impact on yopur employment. Has it ever happened? Yes it did indeed but that’s for another story.

To sum it up in its’ most simpliest terms : You want more Governemnt intrusion and further erosion of your liberties and freedoms ? Obama is your guy. If you want the ability to make your own decisions about your life and those of your family? Romney is your guy. I think you know where I stand.

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