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Water-Boarding Rate Hikes: The REAL TORTURE

The Water Board has been on Tour lately going around the 5 boros trying to justify the most insane rate hikes I have ever seen. Since 2000 the water rate has gone up 156%. Anyone’s salary go up that much those of you that STILL have JOBS? Nope not here either. We are still trying to deal with a Recession that we are being told has been over for 3 years. Talk about an economic hangover the ill effects live on and so does the high unemployment and upsidedown mortgages. As I listen to the Commissioners reason why we need to raise the rates of WATER!! I am stunned by their complete indifference. The blank faces void of emotion and feelings the quintessential Buearucrat.

There has been this concentrated effort to bleed the small businessman and property owner to the point of  extinction. We are now rapidly approaching that tipping point. The amount of apathy is sorrowful and needs to be discussed. If we do not unite under one cause and begin to fight back we are done. The establishment will become more brazen and continue to take our wealth( what’s left of it ) Freedom and liberty and most of the all the Quality of Life. We as a nation have the highest standard of Quality of Life but we are rapidly on the decline. 

People do not understand if we sit mute this never stops . It will go on and on. Where are our supposed elected representation? No camera no celebrity no photo up no politician. We must begin to hold them accountable and make them pay when they sign away our Liberty. This All Must Stop!

Don’t let them take us to bondage!

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