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End of Recession 3 Years later

Just a quick glance at what type of shape our country is in after a recession. Aren’t we supposed to be on the rise? Shouldn’t Housing sales be going up and unemployment going down? ( By creating jobs NOT taking hundreds of thousands of people Out of the workforce pool) lowering the rate of unemployment. Well that’s not the case not by a l0ng shot. Housing continues to go down. House sales this quarter were at 4.4 million sales while they should be at least 6.5 million and even with these dirt poor rates people are getting the owners are not getting the asking price by a long shot.

I must admit though Obama has come up with a whole new technique on how to push these very disturbing facts off the front page unto some other hot issue and that is…..create another scandal! We definitely have a whole new meaning for the term “Secret Service”. This ” Boys will be Boys” theme is just not cutting it for me. Love him or hate him he is our President and I would never want his safety compromised especially due to the nature of the Services distracting behavior. Can you imagine the calamity that would ensue with a breach of security against our President? Then there’s the governmental Cost watchdog the General Service Administration. Turns out it was Harry Reid himself the top Senate leader who wrote a letter to Obama asking him to clear the way for GSA to have their “Spring Break in Vegas ” and to prove it they are pictures and even music videos. To me this is the lefts way of telling us poor bastards in so many words that they are in charge of OUR MONEY and will do as they please. Well I beg to differ. The one scandal I cannot get a hold on has to do with our Attorney General Eric ( We are a nation of Cowards) Holder. Fast and Furious. This absurd idea to sell guns to drug cartels and track the arms to see where it leads was child-like and did not even have tracking devices making this whole operation questionable in its purpose. This plan which was destined for bad things turned out in the form of a dead agent killed by one of these guns. This would have ended a GOP Presidencey. Obama remains unscathed as Holder protects the subversive Black Panthers as they offer bounties and speak of Race War and Holder and Obama sits moot.

All this to detract away from the fact that the economy is NOT bouncing back or recovering and if we keep this man in the White House he will destroy this system that has made us the envy of all of the globe. Please get out and vote this is the most critical election of our time.

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