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Central Park Nuclear Power Plant

As I was reading the New York Post today I spotted an article written by Annie Karni about the Landmarks Commission and its’ decision to include a unexceptional gas station in its’ Landmark status.

The owner of the gas station was irate over this fact. MarcelloPorcetti wanted to take his 11k square feet lot and build a seven story condo development. Too bad Marcello the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s purview thought otherwise.

I suddenly felt for this man who I did not know. I myself have been done wrong by the Landmarks Commission. Back in 2010 some of you might remember the Ground Zero Mosque firestorm. After all the meetings and public debate over this very hot topic it eventually came down to the Landmarks Commission as being the one agency to stop Sharif El Gamal and his Park 51 Group from erecting their Victory Mosque on the ashes of our dead loved ones. Well even though the building in question: The Burlington Coat Factory which had been on the docket for Landmark status for the last 2 decades was suddenly ready to be heard on a public forum to rush to get their proposed Mosque built. Mayor Bloomberg who had fast-tracked the project like no other construction project I had ever seen had staffers influence the commissioners how to vote. So regardless of the fact that the 1st strike of the 911 Attack was the landing gear from the 1st plane crashing thru the roof of the Burlington Coat Factory building destroying several interior landings well before the plane hit hit Tower 1. Additionally the highest concentration of DNA remains were located on this building as well. How could they not give this Landmark status? Well when the Mayor who appointed you says vote this way or else you VOTE THIS WAY!

Along with our Muslim Brotherhood Groupie Ahmed Bloomberg there was Cuomo, Schumer, Weiner ( Twitter Idiot) Gillabrand ( Schumer’s latest Frankenstein) Nadler and our New Jersey RINO Governor Chris Christie AND the man himself Barak Obama. Now with a support group like that think of what you could do …….like an alternative energy source. How do we get this group to support such a move? I GOT IT!

Lets build a Nuclear Power Plant in Central Park. Think of all the power it will give the tri state area. We could start making them cross country- it could have a real positive effect on this gas crisis we are dealing with….but how do we get a group like these Rainmakers to Green Light it? I GOT IT! We call it the: The Central Park Islamic Nuclear Power Plant. I can see it now Obama would be there to break a stick of Uranium across the centrifuge while Chris Christie starts serving Yellow Cake to all the others. Schumer could do the ribbon cutting while Bloomberg calls us racists and MSNBC blames the Republicans for anything that goes wrong in advance. All is right.

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