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King Bloomberg’s 3rd Term Madness Strikes again

Well Mr. Everything’s great in my world who cares about the little people Bloomberg is not satisfied telling us what to eat,  where to smoke,  what we can use to defend ourselves and destroying the hopes and dreams of inspiring entrepreneurs who work themselves bloody to open their own businesses. Now it’s time to go after the most cherished of all Americans: the United States Vet. Has this man have no moral character? The answer from what I’m about to tell you is …NO.

We already know the fleecing of all the small businessmen and women by these parasitic alphabet agencies that get their marching orders and quotas from their King Heir Von Bloomenberg. I myself was dealt with a lethal blow running the several small businesses I had back in the 90′s and even the early 2000′s. The trend was getting progressively worse and I got out and quick. Yet here we are with a mayor supposedly the “Businessman’s Mayor” and we are getting crushed with skyrocketing water bills, endless trips to these establishments by the Fire Dept. and their absurd regulations that change from one inspector to the next or the Health Dept . also a “Call it as I see it type guy” with blue law enforcement from pre WWII days and the nail in the coffin one …the Building Dept. These lovely souls will make you rip out an entire kitchen on your own dime if he or she sees something he doesn’t like.

All that is not well or not good and God willing if I get elected to the City Council like I am planning I will lead a movement to put a stop to it all or go down trying. But this latest attack of the American Legion Post 1424 in Forest Hills by the Health Dept.has left me seething with outrage. If they are starting in Queens there is no doubt that Brooklyn is not far behind. Where is Gentile on this? His counterparts in Queens are taking action. He’s more concerned about a silly little meaningless show about a bunch of girls with grudges against each other because of what else…? Boys how childish. Will he do anything meaningful to help our veterans guard themselves against this latest attack on the private sector ….? people who have put all other things aside so that they could have the privilege of defending their country.

I don’t need a title to defend these heroes and if our disconnected Councilman cannot be guilt-ed into doing something about it as he cuts ribbons for the Grand Openings of  business ventures for his photo ops that are doomed in this present climate than fine we will go it on our own. Certainly not the first time I took on a cause for a group and a belief I hold dear. 2013 will be a very interesting year.

 Gotta admit something about the little fella even though he don’t do much he’s got great hair. Hey maybe that can help him with his next business venture say…..Grecian Formula poster boy? or have they outlawed that as a dangerous toxin? Oh well he will not be this districts problem for much longer. So long Vinny!


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