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Occupy Wall Street Limo Liberal: Michael Moore

What a heap of hypocrisy this sickening windbag is. He is the first guy to run in front of a camera when there is a ripple of a protest against this nation and all it stands for. These Americans who have made hundreds of millions of dollars and continually run down the very system that brought them all these riches are detestable ingrates. Middle America sees right through this man’s line of bull and it’s about time someone in the media does the same. I would love to get this slob in front of a camera and he answer the questions of the blue collar class. The ones who has put all of those millions in his bank account and he complains to all who’ll listen about how rigged and corrupt it is. Well if it is so debased and unsound let him give back all of his “Dirty Capitalistic Dollars” To The People!!

Here’s a little commentary I did along with an interview being done by Anderson Cooper and Moore.

To all of these celebrity types who think that this country is being destroyed by corporations Why Not GIVE YOUR RICHES TO THE PEOPLE YOU CLAIM TO FIGHT FOR!!??

Do that and then you will get some creditability…till then thank God above for giving us the chance to live and bring up our kids and family in the greatest nation ever born. God Bless America.

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