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GOP Loves the Fat Man


As the Conservatives struggle to look for the next Reagan due to the weak GOP field at large, many pundits and Conservatives turn to the Governor of New Jersey – Chris Christie. Chris Christie is renouned for his straight talking, no nonsense policies and actions. Yet, there are many sides to this monstrously popular enigma. Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Charles Krauthammer and even Sean Hannity all staunch Conservatives in their own right are all pushing for Christie to join the race. On the surface, he looks like the man for the job. Once you get passed the initial layer of popular talking points and start to investigate some of his decisions and allies, especially when he was the U.S. attorney for New Jersey, you will realize Chris Christie is no Conservative.

During my battle with Cordoba House, the real estate developer of the Ground Zero Mosque, I remember quite vividly Chris Christie not responding to questions about the Ground Zero Mosque and where he stood on it. Instead he called the politicians “Panderers” and the electorate that were against the mosque “Crazies”.¬†After that incident, I decided to do research on Christie and his ties to any Islamic leaders or community. My hunch had paid off. As a matter of fact, as a US attorney, Chris Christie fought the Department of Homeland Security in their quest to deport Mohammed Qatanani. Qatanani was an actual member of Hamas who had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and was one of the leaders of the states largest mosques The Islamic Center of Passaic County.Very recently, the Ground Zero Mosque issue was brought back into the forefront and once again Chris Christie insulted citizens who were fighting against it.

Another dark cloud hanging over Christie would be his support of former Delaware senator Mike Castle. Castle was a big supporter of Cap and Trade. Again – exposing Christie and his “green” leanings. I believe once these facts hit the mainstream media, he will be excoriated by every card carrying Conservative in the nation and this euphoric presidential dance that he has been doing for the last month will come to a crashing end. And this fat man will not sing.

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