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Bachmann Takes Ames Straw Poll

Bachmann takes it! It was a little bit of a shock to me to be honest. I thought that the cat fight Pawlenty and her had would have hurt them both but after Pawlenty pulling out and Bachmann winning it just goes to show you can’t predict politics.

After my first speech I nearly totally lost my voice. It was probably one of the most challenging speeches I have ever given. Not because of the large crowd but because everyone was concentrating on the other side of the grounds at Santorum and Bachmann. It was very difficult to draw the crowd my way but after some coaxing I managed to peel away a few and finish fairly strong.

I must tell you I had a wonderful time. All of these like-minded Americans coming together to serve the greater good of this nation. That great line in the movie ” Field of Dreams” when “shoeless Joe Jackson” says to the Kevin Costner charachter – ” Is this Heaven”? and Costner responds: “It’s Iowa” summed up my experience there in Iowa. I think I might have gained ten pounds in 3 days! If I got cut I would probably bleed BBQ sauce.

Here I have several interviews that I think you will enjoy especially the one with Rick Santorum who really impressed me.

I felt bad for Pawlenty’s poor showing I actually met him at Red Lobster and he was a total class act and I wished him well. This morning I heard of him dropping out and really felt for the guy.

All in all what a great trip and I hope one day I can be playing a bigger roll in this. To sum it up God Bless the people of Iowa and thank you for your hospitality and all the blue collars working their tail off. Please send comments and let me know what you liked or what you felt didn’t deliver. Here at Blue Collar Corner we want to keep improving our product for the enjoyment of the people. God Bless.

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