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Bloomberg Rampage : Firehouse 284 Residents Say No Way!

In Dyker Heights Brooklyn residents came out by the hundreds to protest the proposed Bloomberg shutdown of Engine 284. This was a very passionate crowd who had zero tolerance for the Mayor’s plan to trim the budget. This 3rd Term Madness  that has stricken our poor Mayor  all began when he came out in full support of the Ground Zero Mosque  and has not recovered since. There was a lovely family there whose lives were saved by the brave Firefighters of Engine 284 and Sarah and Samantha  were having no part of this dangerous expense cutback.

State Senator Marty Golden, a great defender of the cops and fireman and community came to show his support for the locals in Dyker and received quite the warm welcome. Even Councilman James Oddo all the way from Staten Island came to join our group. This is most definitely one of the few true neighborhoods left in this great part of Brooklyn and God forbid something happens if they shut her down. Our 3rd Termer will never live that down if I have to follow him myself!

Good Luck Dyker Heights We at Blue Collar Corner support you and your beloved Firehouse.

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