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Tea Party 365 Rocks It!

As we approach this financial maelstrom and our President seems to go into campaign mode by fanning the flames of Class Warfare we have a group of very dedicated and patriotic citizens who despite the fact they have been constantly attacked by the media , left wing groups and the President himself have stay focused and on point. This group is Tea Party 365.

Even though Tea Party groups traditionally do not have leaders they do have directors. One of the founding members and directors David Webb radio host and frequent FOX political analyst was instrumental in the organizing and in giving direction to this Tea Party group but Tea Party 365′s real strength is their members. People with names like Paul, Basil, Wave, Joan and Bill make up some of the most wonderful patriots that I am honored to call friends. Being in front of cameras and talking to reporters isn’t their goal… the  message is. It is a quality I deeply respect and strive to emulate. They are indeed the salt of the Earth.

In a world where ” Political Correctness” dominates the narrative Tea Party is a great counter to that menace. We must hold our Constitution as our guide. It is through the principles given to us within that document where financial salvation AND Freedom will be found. Great speakers like radio host Andrew Wilkow, Mike Church and I am sorry I missed the awesome Charles Payne but due to the brutal cold I had to rush home with my little angel Noelle. My kids Brendan and Noelle are 8 and 12 yet I observe that they are more informed then many college graduates that I interview and I find that most disturbing. Another area where Tea Party does a great service is that it puts a lot of our senior establishment GOP ” On Watch” and in today’s arena of “Backroom Deals” this is sorely needed.

Here are some of the great speeches that were given that icy evening in Foley Square in downtown NYC….you might see some ogre in a Hard Hat rambling on – Enjoy!

They rammed Stimulus down our throats and told us that they knew better and we needed it. They told us it would promote growth and create jobs while never letting the unemployment number go above 8%- They Lied!

For the next 18 months they told us we needed a Government Health Care system to reduce cost, improve quality and cover 30 million additional people-all the while telling those of us who had coverage we would be permitted to keep our Doctor and our plan-They Lied!

They crafted yet again another All encompassing Financial Reform Bill which punished the investors and the job creators yet did not even address the culprits for the Financial Meltdown Fannie and Freddie. These are still functioning today and we are STILL loaning them money and yes once again -They Lied!

The “Ruling Class” feeling their oats pushed the envelope too far. A Mosque down at Ground Zero? Well we all know how that turned out and if we can beat them here we can beat them there! Good Luck and God Bless!

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  1. Justin Eckstein
    August 18th, 2011 at 22:26 | #1

    slav·er·y [sláyvəree]
    1. system based on enslaved labor: the practice of, or a system based on, using the forced labor of other people
    2. condition of being enslaved laborer: the state or condition of being held in involuntary servitude as the property of somebody else
    3. hard work: very hard work, especially for low pay and under bad conditions
    4. state of being dominated: a state of being completely dominated by another
    Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Grab a Dictionary and look stuff up. Book form is better than on the computer like this is; the older the better.
    Forcing your will upon someone else is slavery. Forcing someone else physically is one way; mentally is another way. Most all of us here, in the United States of America, agree today that slavery is wrong. There exists another form of slavery in most of the world and some are trying to bring it here. It is called Socialism or Communism. ‘Government Control’ is forced upon those who try to exercise a little Freedom or try to better themselves and are not in government control. They are having their ‘strings pulled’ rather than being the ones ‘pulling the strings’. The citizens are NOT doing what they want but what someone else wants. People are better because of what they do and accomplish. However, that gives them no right to rule us. Do they think they should rule us? Do you now see why it is wrong to have ‘Career Politicians’ making decisions affecting others for life?

    Communism is State owned and State controlled. Socialism is Privately owned but State controlled. Capitalism is Privately owned and Privately controlled. Both Socialism and Communism are where things are controlled by the State, which means ‘Big Government’. It is not about Ownership; it is all about Control. (Look-up the definition of ‘State’. In referring to ‘Government’ it means ‘Country’ or ‘Nation’. So we are the ‘United Countries of America’.)

    Imagine you own a car but the government controls it. The government decides Who drives it, When they drive it, Where they drive it, Why they drive it, and How they drive it. Nevertheless, you own it; it is still your car. Really? It does not seem like it. It does not seem like it because it is not about Ownership; it is all about Control. Yeah, your name is on the ‘Title’ but if it was really your car then you would decide Who drives your car, When they drive your car, Where they drive your car, Why they drive your car, and How they drive your car. It is not about Ownership but instead about Control.

    In addition, why do descendants of former slaves in this country vote for politicians in favor of ‘Big Government’, which is government control or slavery? Do they not want the Liberty their ancestors did not enjoy? Most Democrats and some Republicans are in favor of Government Control. Plus, most in favor of ‘Big Government’ are in favor of ‘Abortions’ and ‘Special Rights’ for Homosexuals. Two issues that those ‘Americans’ are not in favor of. (I say those ’ Americans’ and not ‘African Americans’ because they are not from Africa. Their Ancestors may have been but they are not. My Ancestors were mostly from Europe but that does not make me a ‘European American’. They are as American as I am. How about we drop the whole ‘Black/White American issue’ and just call citizens ‘Americans’ no matter what their ‘Race’ may be. Let us judge people by the ‘Content of their Character’ and NOT by the ‘Color of their Skin’ as Martin Luther King Jr. had foreseen.)

    Remember the ‘Cold War‘ with the former Soviet Union. The CCCP translated to USSR, which was an acronym that stood for the United Soviet Socialist Republic. The ’Cold War’ supposedly ended because of Military Expansion that bankrupted them and then we gave them money to help them. The ’Cold War’ did not really end. Russia just changed tactics. We are still at war with Communism and Socialism, which is now all over the world. Moreover, Socialist Policies are bringing this Capitalist Nation down. As of today, Socialist Programs are failing and bankrupting us.

    Social Security is going bankrupt. Medicare is going bankrupt. Both are ‘Big Government’ Socialist Programs that are failing and bringing the rest of the nation down with them. Benjamin Franklin once said: “The People should support the Government. The Government should not support the People.” Yet one of our problems today is that we have generations of American families on government aid. Why should a healthy young man, twenty years past birth, receive taxpayer funded checks for ‘Dyslexia’ instead of working in a ‘Field of Work’ that does not require reading? Can he not shovel gravel, work on laying pavement, lay concrete, nail boards together, etcetera? In addition, Social Security and Medicare are only two of numerous Government Programs that are failing and should be cut; not ‘Phased Out’ over the next half-century. No Government Program should have a ‘Phase Out’ period of more than ten years.

    The difference between our Republic here, in the United States of America, and the former United Soviet Socialist Republic is that ‘We the People’ tell those ‘representing’ us what to do; not the other way. Therefore, if you choose not to vote, Primaries too, you are choosing to be a ‘slave’ to the government. Vote but get informed before you do, about all levels and all issues. Our ‘Union of Countries’, the United States of America, needs the participation of the ‘People’ to ‘Function as Intended’.

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