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Passing Zadroga is NO Christmas Miracle

” Passing Zadroga is NO Christmas Miracle,” says Andy Sullivan
New York, NY (December 22, 2010) – Hard Hat Andy Sullivan, founder of the 9/11 Hard Hat Pledge, responded today to the passing of the Zadroga Billl.

Mr. Sullivan is a Survivor of the World Trade Center Attacks.  “Today New York State Senator Gillbrand called the passing of the Zadroga Bill a “Christmas miracle.”  To those who were there on that day it is not a miracle but rather justice.  Frankly it is justice very late in coming.  I can not help but wonder about the heroes who have died while waiting for this bill to be signed.”

Andy Sullivan states: “What would truly be a miracle would be for politicians like Bloomberg, Gillibrand and Schumer to put the 911 victims and Survivors before their own political interests.  It would really be miraculous  indeed to have these three politicians actually stop and listen to the 911 families who are begging for their help to move the Ground Zero Victory Mosque to another location.  These politicians claim to be standing up for those who are suffering as a result of 911, yet they insist on supporting the building of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.”  According to Sullivan 911 families and survivors have contacted these same politicians and humbly pleaded for their assistance in stopping the GZ Victory Mosque.”

Mr. Sullivan questions, “How can anyone be in support of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque and the Zadroga Bill? The Zadroga Bill attempts to ease suffering of 911 families.  The Ground Zero Victory Mosque plunges a dagger through the hearts of these same 911 families.”

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  1. John Biship
    January 4th, 2011 at 02:22 | #1

    If you really gave a crap about ground zero families you would be fighting the tea party scum in DC that just undermined the bill to help their medical costs (and tried to kill it all together). While the rich play you bigoted uneducated morons like a fiddle on non-issues like this Mosque, they screw all the 911 families for real aid. You are an enemy of America and a friend of Al- Queda with your ignorant and worthless actions. You are as unpatriotic as they come ignorant redneck scumbag.

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