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Andrew Cuomo’s ties with laundered Terrorist dollars!

Our Governor elect is partners with a man who is being investigated for laundering Terrorist dollars. Andrew Cuomo and Andrew L. Farkas have been business partners since the nineties. Farkas was the heir to the Alexanders Department stores but decided to go into the real estate business. Well in the early nineties and after several shady deals he drew the attention of our Housing Secretary Andrew Cuomo. Instantly Cuomo pounced on him and in a very intelligent response donated several hundred thousands of dollars to Cuomo’s campaign. Thus a partnership was born.

Soon after Farkas began to see great opportunity in Dubai and opened up the Island Capital Group. His main partner was Prince Andrew. The venture exploded money was flowing and Cuomo was then introduced to Sharia financing. This was the real draw to the banking system in Dubai and there is one group who only deals with banks that offer Sharia and that group is Terrorists. Andrew Farkas is presently under investigation for his dealings with Al Qaeda and even Bin Laden himself! While the entire state of NY was more concerned about Paladino and his bat, love child, stance on gays and his military record how did we not even ask ONE question about this partnership with this man who is a sympathizer with Terrorists?

This is by far more hurtful then a Mosque down at Ground Zero because it’s not just about symbolism or hurting people’s hearts it’s about partnering up with the forces that caused this death and destruction and opening the door to the most vile way of life known to the free people of the United States….Sharia. No wonder Mr. Cuomo supports the Mosque along with our 3rd term stealing Mayor who views all the new congressmen as “Not able to read or have passports and likely to start a war with China”. Media awake! These questions should be asked and answered why am I all alone? Give me the chance and I will do it my freedoms mean too much not to do it.

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