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Andrew Cuomo for the erection of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque:

Andrew Cuomo is fervently for the erection of the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Only now do I know why.

Imam Feisal Rauff was doing his U.S. State Department-funded tour of the United Arab Emirates(UAE). His purpose we were told was one of good-will and doing his “work” as Mr. Bridge-builder. The real story was he was on a funding tour for the Mosque. In Dubai Rauff met with potential backers for the project, including current and former investors in a firm that had close ties to New York gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo.

The major player was Emirates National Securitization Corporation( ENSeC). This is Dubai’s version of Fannie Mae. Sound familiar? This was the Frankenstein of Andrew Cuomo almost a decade ago. Cuomo was partners with Andrew L. Farkas in Island Capital Group(ICG). Our Andrew made 2.5 million from 2003- 2006. Not bad for some work on the side. Another Pandora’s Box he opened up was the Shariah Financing method. This made it easier for Usama Bin Laden to launder money through a Shariah compliant system as well as Al Qeda.

The CIA has obtained evidence that UBL has been allowed to funnel money through the Dubai Islamic Bank in Dubai, which is controlled by the United Arab Emirates Government.

This is all making sense now. Why is it Andrew Cuomo will not answer questions regarding his work with Andrew L. Farkas? He has worked closely with financial institutions that helped finance terrorist attacks including 911!!! I have the names and evidence to back it up.

No wonder he will not investigate the funding for this hurtful Victory Mosque or he will not have the Building Department inspect the hazardous conditions that exist inside the building right now putting the lives of the worshippers at risk as we speak. Kid Cuomo has a lot of explaining to do. You can’t be a little bit pregnant and you can’t be a little bit Shariah either. These questions need to be answered before he even thinks about being Governor of this state.

Next week Carl Paladino will be signing my 911 Hard Hat Pledge on Tuesday. We will be calling a press conference and if you need to get in touch with me before hand, just contact Maureen and I will make myself available. Carl has been against the Mosque since day one and that factor alone will be enough to get the support of the entire Coalition to Honor Ground Zero, The 911 Families, the 911 hard hats and the members of all civil servants in NYC Cops , Firemen and sanitation workers and the entire Blue Collar Corner Group.

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  1. October 25th, 2010 at 22:56 | #1

    Plus Andy do you think Muslims should be allowed to pray at the new WTC? There was a Muslim prayer space in the original structure, did you know that? Should that be left out this time around? It just seems to me there’s a real discriminatory aspect here.

  2. Raymond P. Gallagher
    October 26th, 2010 at 12:01 | #2

    @Matt Sky
    Mr. Sky
    You make comments but never answer the questions raised by your comments. I believe you asked and I answered several issues on an earlier blog (beginnig Oct) addressing the faux bridge building, perceived use of mosque as a symbol of victory, the statements made by Imam Chandrey (?) on ABC Chritine Arampour (?) show about whether we should fear Islam, etc., etc. He stated that he looks forward to the day the flag of Islam flies over the White House. As a soldier, I can tell you that will never happen while I still breathe.

    Bottom line. The Mosque is so insensitive, the ruse that it never occurred to Daisy and the Imam, makes them either liars (like 70% of US population against the mosque is only a fringe) or so ignorant, I would deem them stupid. In any case, they should not be going around the Muslim world saying that they know and represent our interests in their bridge building.

    Mayor Bloomberg’s position was also seen by me immediately as a money matter.

    I had dealings with Cuomo’s HUD. I am not surprised by anything. He thinks he should be Gov because his Daddy was….and he married a Kennedy (another political family that ruined our country by their changing the immigration policies). His commercials state how much experience he has “…and once elected”….. Bull$&!^. As AG why haven’t more things changed? He has walked the halls of Albany for 30+ years. What learning where the bodies are buried so he can clean up or clean up?

    Having a prayer room in the new building or having mosques operating in other downtown locations is not an issue. Building a house of worship is their right. Being so insensitive as to its placement, its perception, whether a victory mosque or a sign of tolerance will be viewed against us one way or the other.

    We need to make the world know that we are tolerant but will not be bullied and threatened into building what will amount to be a monument to people so radicalized that they will keep killing until they have their way. everyday, everywhere.

    No way!
    Move the mosque!
    This We Will defend!
    God Bless the USA

  3. Leonard V
    October 26th, 2010 at 12:50 | #3

    Thanks Andy.
    Hope Paladino will find a way to bring it to general public, and do it sooooon.
    November 2nd is almost here and prince andrew is acting smug and gubernatorial already.

  4. October 30th, 2010 at 21:01 | #4

    Andy: I sent your column to my sister in New York to fan-out to half a dozen investment houses in the city. Great Piece of High-Valued Journalism!
    “Your man from-the-Gulf”,

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